The Chips.

screen-shot-11-01-16-at-11-23-am Look what I got! The new Swiss Chalet sauce chips! At first you could only get them at the Swiss Chalet (restaurant) but I found them at the corner store! It was expensive, over 4$ for the bag, but I wanted to try it. I haven’t opened it yet as I still have to finish off my other bag of chips first, but I can’t wait! I bet they’re just going to be so good! Too bad it’s just for a limited time though, just like all good things seem to be. Patti got all excited too when I told her and she said she wants to try them,too!

It was also a glorious 20 C yesterday so Buddy and I were outside all day and we must have broken a temperature record; I mean, it’s November and the average temp at this time is around 11 C. It’s probably the last nice warm day that we’re going to get now until spring so I really soaked it up and enjoyed it while it lasted. I’m loving our new loaner van more and more all the time,too: it also has this cool camera that shows you a rear-view so that you can see what’s behind you, AND you press a button and the side doors slide open on their own! It’s the coolest thing ever!

Now that my head has cleared I can remember when I was wasted yesterday and disoriented and dazed at the mall as well. I was hallucinating too and thought I had somehow teleported to the Bayshore shopping mall in Ottawa for awhile there, heard this French song playing over and over that I remembered from my childhood, and on the drive home thought we were going to a military base! The mall also seemed bigger than it actually is and I had alot of trouble navigating it and it was the first time I had ventured away from the house after I’d had weed, so I now know I have to stay home when I do, and I can’t imagine that some people think that they can drive like that! It was like when you’re coming out of an anesthesia!