The Sweater.

screen-shot-11-02-16-at-08-50-pm-001 Since I was disoriented, dazed, and kept getting lost the other day at the mall I went back again since I didn’t really get a chance to look around and enjoy my time out when I wasn’t able to even find the stores I wanted to look at. I saw this sweater, which reminds me of warm wooly winter socks and Sock Monkeys and just had to get it. It’s cable-knit and I just love chunky knit sweaters in fall and winter. I bought it but I never told my mother because I know that she would ” have a bird”, complaining that I “can’t afford” it and “don’t have any $$$$$” and frankly I don’t want to hear it.She won’t find out until later, once the credit card statement comes in, but what’s done is done. Sometimes you just have to treat yourself, and I’m almost 50 YRS old and if I want to buy myself a sweater then I’ll buy myself a sweater for f*ck’s sake! Besides, it only cost 28$ with tax, so it’s not like it’s going to break the bank or anything, and I haven’t bought clothes in ages!

As well, tomorrow the 17 YR old writes her SAT exams. It’s at a college in a nearby town and the exam itself lasts about 4 HRS. She has to take photo ID with her (passport) and won’t get the results back for awhile. She’s been studying for it forever so I hope she does well. Being homeschooled our kids don’t have the traditional school transcripts with grades and credits on it for university, so they enter according to their SAT scores.So far we’ve had 2 of the kids graduate university and currently have one  in her second YR of university.

I also haven’t heard from my homeless Facebook friend in a month and it got me really worried something bad happened to him, like he’d died or something, esp. as he has attempted suicide in the past, but I checked around and it turned out he’s just in rehab, which is a good thing as he’ll be getting the help he needs, and hopefully they might also be able to help him find a job and a place to live and help get him off the streets and turn his life around,too.

screen-shot-11-03-16-at-07-06-pm I also found this, which sums up my life pretty much.