screen-shot-11-04-16-at-08-00-pm Yesterday my mother and I went to a Greek festival. They had a live band playing Greek music and had Greek dancers as well( some of the dances reminded me of Cossack dancing) and it reminded me of , well, Greece, and when we were in Greece (which was also one of my fave. places that I’ve been to) and were at a restaurant and we had dancing waiters! It also reminded me of the cultural event “Caravan” that we used to go to YRS ago, back in the early 1980’s, in Toronto, where various cultural community centres or churches have pavillions that serve food from their native countries, have cultural displays, sell souvenirs, and have music and dancing from their homelands and you would buy a “passport” and go around from pavillion to pavillion, and get it stamped, like when travelling..

Of course there was also the food, and I got a platter, and I had moussaka, souvlaki, Greek salad(I picked out the olives), rice, potatoes, and loukoumathes and baklava for dessert. I only get 20 $ a month spending $$$$ and I spent 15 $ of it already on food at the festival, leaving me with only 5 $ left to last me the rest of the month, but my stomach is full and happy and I went to bed last night with a smile on my face. “Opa” is a Greek expression used in celebration, yet in German the word “Opa” means “grandpa”!(and “Oma” is “grandma”) Isn’t that funny?(I bet you want to know what “Fa Skata!” means in Greek now,too?)  🙂

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