My Haikus.


The past has caught up

A traitor has sold us out.

My worst fear has come.


We are in much danger.

We will never be free from.

The nightmare returns.


Enemies are back.

I can’t live thru this again.

Only one way out.


They found us again.

I’ll sacrifice to save us.

I will end this soon.


I can’t say too much.

I don’t know who’s reading this.

We are under siege.


I still protect them.

I stay loyal even so.

I defend to death.


Danger surrounds me.

Yet I feel a peaceful calm

God delivers us.


I might have to say goodbye.

My time may have come.

But God has a plan.


Will they leave us be?

and go back to the shadows?

Does my life end here?


Sick with fearful panic.

But God keeps us safe and free.

I leave it with Him.


How can this be real?

This is happening again.

I feared it would come.