So Much.

screen-shot-11-08-16-at-08-25-am Me and my life are just like that Bob Marley song, “So Much Things To Say.” I just have so much that I have to say, that I wish I could not only post about in my blog(but have to censor or hold back because you never know who’s reading or for privacy reasons) but also that I am prevented from even talking about and expressing myself, my feelings, my worries, and my concerns. I don’t even have anyone to talk to anymore now that Patti’s moved away, and when I started unloading something to my mother she curtly cut me off and snapped, “Stop talking!!” as she didn’t want to hear about it, and so I have all these things built up inside me that I need to somehow unburden; dilemmas,decisions,plans,choices, questions, worries, uncertainties, anxieties, problems,feelings, etc. but no one that will listen, nowhere I can vent(I do on this blog but there still some things that are just too personal, too private, a possible security risk, or too “sensitive” and I’m not “allowed” to mention. “So Much Things To Say” yet no way to say them and no one to say them to.

screen-shot-11-08-16-at-06-41-pm With the American election yesterday my American friends were posting about it all over  the Internet and had alot of funny things such as the ones seen here, above and below, and it’s true, because no matter which won, America still loses!


After my dose of cannabis oil I also “saw” hippo-shaped clouds in the sky and  the Four  Horsemen Of The Apocalypse,  and I’m hoping that if reincarnation is real that I come back as a hippo; a fierce, majestic hippo, and nobody, I mean, nobody, messes with a hippo! I would also like to think that in Heaven that every dog you’ve ever loved comes running towards you to greet you,too.