The Lesser Of 2 Evils?

screen-shot-11-09-16-at-08-41-am To everyone’s surprise, Donald Trump won the American election and will be their new President. At first it all seemed like a joke when he started his campaign,and no one ever thought that he’d make it that far, it was like a circus, a bad joke, or like the Gong Show, and then when he became the Republican nominee everyone was shocked,and yet despite it he still kept on saying racist narrow-minded stupid things and you never knew what he was going to come up with next but you knew it was going to be offensive and inappropriate but no one ever actually thought that this brash, loud-mouth, arrogant, blow-hard sack of shit actually had a chance of winning….yet he did and here we are.I hate to say it but he’s the stereotypical obnoxious, loud, boorish,arrogant, ugly American the rest of the world sees.

Despite the odds against a Trump victory, I actually did have a feeling that he would win, but whether him or Hillary Clinton won it would be choosing the lesser of 2 evils so no matter which you choose, you’re still choosing evil, and you still lose; no one wins regardless. They said on the news that it was the uneducated rednecks that mostly voted for him, the gun-lovers and the racists. Of my American friends they were evenly divided among supporting Trump and Clinton,and there were also others like myself that thought that they both suck. My hubby said he doesn’t think he’ll be that bad and his rhetoric was all bluster; that he just said what they wanted to hear in order to get votes but that he won’t actually do  it(like build the wall to keep Mexicans out or ban Muslim immigrants) but my kids were horrified , “How could he win?” “How could they have elected him?” “How could they be that stupid?”

I think it’s only fair to give him a chance though and see how he does. Maybe he’ll surprise everyone.(I sure hope so) but it does concern me how racist he is. Trying to look on the positive side, however, the good is that he and Putin get along which means no wars between USA and Russia, and Trump is open to the Keystone XL pipeline which will bring forth many jobs and boost the economies of both countries,and hopefully political correctness will end as well. Hopefully he will “mellow” and become more “professional”, more tactful, diplomatic,and more statesman-like, but regardless, that’s who America voted for, that’s who the majority of them want, so now they have to live with their decision.What does that say about USA though, voting for someone like that? Does it mean that the majority of them are racist bigoted rednecks….or just that it was the rednecks that went out and voted?

My mother and I also went out for lunch at the Chinese buffet we love….except it wasn’t there anymore! It was under construction and being made into another restaurant so we went to another Chinese place instead. My mother wasn’t looking where she was  going(as usual) and didn’t see the little step and tripped going up it and fell flat on her face(she does this alot and it’s just so embarrassing ) and people rushed over to help her up while I just stood there dumbfounded……that’s my Asperger’s again; I  often don’t react to situations appropriately…and then I get shamed for it. I over-heard the other customers there were all discussing the American election and they all sounded cautiously optimistic, saying they hope that Trump will do a better job than people expect and think he will.