screen-shot-11-07-16-at-12-12-pm My hubby had his knee surgery. It was the same knee, the same problem,and the same surgery that he had before, so they either didn’t do it right the last time or the problem(torn meniscus) came back. He had a friend of his drive him to the hospital and back since you aren’t allowed to drive yourself, being all doped up and neither my mother or I drive so we aren’t able to do it. He had the option of being awake and watching it(like my mother did for hers) having a spinal anesthetic, or being put to sleep and he chose to be put out because he’s a big baby when it comes to things like that; he can’t even look at needles or even the tiniest little drop of blood or yuck without passing out.They said when he saw the big IV needle that he was shaking and his pulse shot up….ha, ha.(if he sees this photo here he’d throw up!) What a pussy!

As well, I also heard from my old friend T (from grade 8) on Facebook and we got all caught up. I’m always surprised when people still remember me, but she said she really missed me when I moved away and she’s thought about me over the YRS and that we should get together sometime soon. She has 4 kids and 2 grandkids now and her husband died of melanoma (skin cancer) 2 YRS ago but she’s found love again so she’s happy and I’m glad. She’s so lucky,too, to have found love not only once, but twice; I’ve never even been able to find it once! She also said she’d heard that one of the bullies from grade 8 became a pimp and I can’t say that I’m really all that surprised; I always figured he’d probably end up either dead or in jail.