8 Things That Bring Me Joy.

screen-shot-10-02-16-at-12-52-pm-001Buddy. My little Buddy is my joy,my heart, the light in my life, the reason I get up in the morning,my best friend, the one who makes me smile.

screen-shot-11-12-16-at-06-51-pm Hippos. I just simply love hippos. They make me happy.

screen-shot-11-12-16-at-08-36-amFlowers. Lilacs, roses, gladiolas, peonies, tulips, hyacynth, iris, etc. They just smell so wonderful and they’re so pretty.

screen-shot-11-12-16-at-08-37-am Sitting out in the sun. Feeling the sun on my face. It’s so relaxing, so peaceful, so warm. Nothing feels better than the sun.

screen-shot-11-12-16-at-08-38-am Christmas. I enjoy worshipping God all YR ’round but there’s something special about the Christmas season and the joy it brings.

screen-shot-11-12-16-at-08-39-am Food. I really enjoy a good meal.

screen-shot-11-12-16-at-08-39-am-001 Reading. I have always loved reading and can get lost in a good book for days and not put it down.

screen-shot-10-14-16-at-08-08-pm Music. I esp. love Reggae, but I love many kinds of music. Music is very soothing to the soul and speaks to the heart.