The Pizza.

screen-shot-11-16-16-at-12-06-pm The 22 YR old has been sick up in bed for the past couple of days( he’s actually at the hospital right now getting a note for work for his sick time and to be put on modified work due to his back injury) and his sweetie all the way in California ordered him a pizza over the Internet and had it sent here with writing inside the box, “ I love you, feel better!” It really touched him,and I thought that it was just the sweetest thing ever! They’re just so cute together! I never knew that you could do that, though; send a pizza from one country to another, but I guess if you can wire flowers overseas (like my cousins did when another of my cousins died recently) why not with pizza,too?

My stomach ulcer is getting much worse as well,I still have stomach pain every day, only now it’s getting really bad,as bad as the pain with my gallstones was before, and I’m starting to wonder if maybe something more might be going on here and not just the ulcer,afterall, like maybe  even cancer or something…Our dickweed neighbour also raked up his leaves,and piled them up into a big pile….and left them all under our tree,too! What an asshole! I swear, people here really suck!

screen-shot-11-13-16-at-10-05-am-001 This is also the last of the gingerbread men that the 13 and 15 YR olds made (from scratch!) the other night while I was in bed(I was lucky to even get any!) and I put up the indoor Christmas decorations as well as it’s just  6 weeks until Christmas and we have our Santa Claus parade next week! Someone had moved all the decorations as well, and they were all hidden and buried behind and under stuff and then they all fell down on top of me and I was yelling and cursing(and no one helped me) and my hubby was on the phone with work and started screaming at me to shut up and I heard him say into the phone, “I’m sorry my wife is such a loser!” but talking to me, down to me, and about me like that I’ll bet that they’ll think that he’s the one that’s the loser, being so demeaning to me and treating me like that in front of other people! At least now his co-workers also know what a dick-head he really is and how he verbally abuses me. He’s ruined my life and he won’t be happy until he destroys me completely.

My oldest will always be special to me as well because he’s my first child and nothing and no one will ever change that,and the 13 YR old will still always be my “B.B” too, even though she thinks that she’s “outgrown” it and is too “old” for it now, she’s not,and she still is, and a situation I’m currently struggling with in life now I feel like I’m in “limbo” as well, and it feels like a game of chess, I wait with uncertainty of the final outcome, and plan my strategy as I wait for my opponent to make their next move, and they’ve destroyed a great part of my life and have since come back to finish me off.