The Magazine.

screen-shot-11-17-16-at-03-33-pm How’s this for a laugh? Check out my new magazine that the 13 and 15 YR olds “doctored”  for a joke.The real version has the actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on the cover as the “Sexiest Man Alive” (and I do agree that he’s hot!) and they cut out a photo of Donald Trump’s face from another magazine and taped it over top so it looks like he’s the “Sexiest man”, complete with the muscular arms, making it hilarious, esp. since Trump is a not, and not “hot!” I put it up on my Facebook and people actually thought that it was real (I guess the girls must have done a really good job!) and that it was a genuine issue of People with Trump on the cover as “Sexiest Man” and they left comments such as “Utter rubbish!”( that from a British friend) and laughing emojis. It just cracked me up and turned out so well and is so funny I decided to make a whole blog post about it.

As well, my new passport finally came. It took 3 weeks. They say it takes 2 weeks ( HAH!) but my last one 5 YRS ago took 4 weeks. This new one goes for 10 YRS though, it’s a new option they have now, and it cost me close to 200$! So now if I suddenly have to leave the country( ha, ha) I have it, or if we have $$$$$ ( also ha, ha) and can travel, or(more likely) as a form of gov’t photo ID. I was also looking thru old photo albums of happier times, wishing I could go back,and being sentimental, and I went to show the 15 YR old the photo of me doing gymnastics that she wanted to see, the photo of where I was doing a handstand and had my feet resting on top of my head, and also the photos of when I had really long hair, down to my waist, to prove that I wasn’t lying, so I went up to show her and her, the 13 and 17 YR old,and my hubby were all in the 17 YR old’s room pretending that she wasn’t there and they’d locked the door and wouldn’t let me in; they were behind the door giggling, and said she wasn’t there even though I heard her voice and I knew she was hiding there……they always do stuff like that just to purposely annoy me and I’m so tired of it. They always have to make everything so hard all the time, give me a hard time over everything, and be such jerks. I feel like I’m not even really a part of this family.