screen-shot-11-19-16-at-12-48-pm It feels in my life like I am always running . Running away from the bullies, running away from my past, running away from bad memories, running away from pain, running away from betrayal,running away from enemies, running away from being myself, running away from myself, running away from my life.  Even when I went to Confession and confessed my sin of the urge of wanting to commit suicide the priest said, “You can’t run away from God!” but I’m not running away from God; I’m running to God; I’m running away from my life!

OK, now this is seeming and sounding oddly familiar and deja-vu, like I’ve written this exact post before and even the photo of the hippo looks awfully familiar….is this some sort of “Flashback” or something….and I’m  re-writing the same idea I already made a post of before…or had I merely foreseen this blog post before, or am I merely  high as f*ck….I’m not sure which one it is.

Even my mind keeps running. That’s what I want to do.


Just run.

and just keep running.