First Snow!!

screen-shot-11-20-16-at-03-46-pm We got our first snowfall yesterday! Just 2 days before it was a balmy 16 C and I was sitting outside and now between yesterday and today we’re to get between 15-20 cm of snow! It was inevitable though, and it is the third week of November,afterall, so it was bound to happen sooner or later. My hubby had to work and couldn’t pick me up after church yesterday so I had to walk home but it was actually nice walking home in the snow, it was so pretty and it was almost magical; it reflected off the moonlight and was sparkling and looked like white glitter. I was also glad I got to feel the snow falling on my face at least one last time before I die,too(assuming that I actually do die before I turn 50 in January like I’ve always had a feeling I will) but poor Buddy hates it and when I took him out for his walks he just stood there in stunned, numb shock, as if he was thinking, “ What the f*ck just happened?”

screen-shot-11-20-16-at-06-43-pm The kids make fun of my eyebrows as well, because they’re so thin, yet they’re feminine and arched, and at least I don’t have Brezhnev ( a former Russian leader, pictured here) eyebrows, or so big and bushy it looks like I stuck 2 hairy caterpillars on my face! The 9 YR old  insulted me as well, referring to me as “That big fat thing” and the 22 YR old’s on this “mission” to try and “turn” Buddy “away” from me and to get him to love him the most.Buddy is the only one that loves me and he’s even trying to take that away from me. He also snickered when he went to a fancy place to eat that what made him even more excited than actually getting to go there to eat himself was that I didn’t get to go. My family is so “nice” to me,huh?

screen-shot-11-20-16-at-10-17-am I also saw this, Disney’s newest princess, a Polynesian girl named Moana, and this is exactly how I wish  looked, I mean, she’s just sooooo pretty! I wish I looked like that! If I was pretty like that people would treat me alot differently, guys would like me, I’d have alot more opportunities in life, and I’d feel better about myself. My life would have been so different. I also wonder if my hubby might be having an affair as recently he’s given up drinking Pepsi( his fave. drink) and eating chips and does an intense daily fitness routine as well, like he’s trying to improve himself to impress his mistress or something…….I don’t really care if he is, just as long as he still takes care of our family.I think he might be trying to kill me off  for my life insurance $$$$ too.