The Pickle.

screen-shot-11-23-16-at-11-53-am OK, so yesterday was a really strange day. Alot of really weird things happened. First of all, I’m sure that I saw someone standing at our front door( I saw thru the stained glass window) just standing there, not knocking or ringing the door bell, for several minutes, and it was creepy, and when I mentioned it to my hubby he went and opened the door but no one was there! I was just hallucinating! (It was a few HRS after I’d ingested my cannabis oil)But it seemed so real!  I was sure there was really someone standing there; I saw the shadow! Then if that wasn’t strange enough, I swear I saw my hubby eating a dill pickle, incl. the end of it, the part that attaches to the plant, and I was just so grossed-out, it was beyond disgusting,  I was saying to him, “Why are you eating a pickle like that? That’s so gross!”  yet he insisted that he wasn’t.(It turned out to be a battered chicken strip!)

I was also eating BBQ peanuts and they started to change size, going from big to small and small to big and then they “morphed” into cashews, and I had a vision of an ambulance and a police car at our house, and I had the impression that they were responding to my death(speaking of which, they may not love me but they’ll never forget me), which felt like a premonition, I heard someone screaming, saw the 22 YR old steal my hubby’s porkchop as a prank( and I’m still not sure if that was actually real or not or if I just imagined it) and saw the floor “moving” like in waves. Like I said, it was a really strange day.

screen-shot-11-23-16-at-03-26-pm My hubby also got  this: a hideous, tacky,gaudy, God-awful, ugly Christmas suit! It’s like the Ugly Christmas Sweater …..only it’s an entire suit! There are no words really to describe how horrible it is, but he loves it! His brother actually wears loud pants like that all the time for golf, but this is a whole suit….they’ll certainly see him coming(and going!) all right! He ordered it from some place online.He’s going to wear it to all the Christmas parties. The man has no shame.