The Fox Rescuer.

screen-shot-11-24-16-at-04-01-pm I had this dream last night (No, I didn’t have weed, it was just a dream) that I met this guy and his mission was to rescue and rehabilitate foxes. He was an older man, with long-ish white hair with a bit of curl, and looked a bit like Richard Branson. I’m still not exactly sure who he was or how I met him, but it was very significant and he ended up becoming a very important person in my life. That was it, but the dream has stuck with me and I’m left wondering what it might mean. Is there any meaning to it or was it just a dream? Who was he? Did we fall into a romantic relationship or was it more like a father-daughter type of thing, or did he merely become a good friend, or play a significant role in my life or in my future in some other way, and how do the foxes play into it? I mean, am I really going to meet someone one day that dedicates himself to fox rescue, or is it merely symbolic,and if so, what does it mean? It has gotten me very curious!

screen-shot-11-24-16-at-06-30-pm I also found this and I really needed the reminder. I can’t believe all the shit that I’ve been thru and how much I’ve survived(only by the grace of God!), yet even so there’s a limit… can only be stretched so far before you break……

My hubby also went and got his stitches removed as it’s been 2 weeks since his surgery and some skin had grown over some of them and it was embedded deep and they had to cut him to dig some of them out; I can only imagine how “well” that went over( ha,ha). I’ve had that before,too, where some of them don’t want to come out and they have to really dig in to get them and they really pinch.That’s why I much prefer the kind that dissolve on their own even though the other kind leaves less of a scar. I also realized that in so many things in life that it always ends up being the one that you least expect,too; the one that you’d least expect that ends up betraying you, or lying to you, hurting you, cheating on you, stealing from you,deceiving you, setting you up,etc. so when something happens and you wonder who it is and who did it, it’s most often the one that you’d least  expect that probably did it. No one should be above suspicion. No wonder I don’t trust anyone.