The Tree.

screen-shot-11-25-16-at-09-59-am-001 THIS is our Christmas tree! Yesterday was exactly 1 month until Christmas, and it’s also the Santa Claus parade this weekend, so ,in following our tradition, I put the tree up! The kids used to help me out decorating the tree, but lost interest in it a few YRS ago, so now I just do it on my own. This YR’s “theme” is mostly white, silver,and gold. I even used tinsel that’s older than the kids; I’ve had it ever since I was 18 or 19, before I had even met my hubby! I remember that time either last YR or the YR before(I forget) when Buddy had diarrhea and did it under the tree and I didn’t see it and stepped in it and got it all on my  sock! I’m also the one that gets stuck taking down the tree as well and no one ever helps me, so I decided every YR to make it more simpler, with less ornaments so then also less to have to take down after.See? I plan ahead.

The 22 YR old, 15 YR old, and 13 YR old also told me not to put it up for 2 more weeks, until the  22 YR old’s girlfriend arrives from California to visit over Christmas as she wanted to help decorate it,too, but by then it’s way too late and we’d hardly have any time at all to have the tree up, and we’ve always done it like this and at this time, and we’re not changing a tradition that we’ve done for dozens of YRS,(who made them boss,anyway?) and if she wanted to decorate it that badly she just should have come sooner, and she can help us take it down( which is, essentially the same thing as putting it up, only in reverse) and the last time I checked I was the parent, and not them, and make the rules, and I don’t appreciate them trying to undermine me like that.

The 22 YR old had purposely barricaded the tree packed in the closet tight, wedged in there,and under stuff, and  with a dresser right in front so it was  really hard for me to struggle and get the tree out but I wrestled with it(and put my back out!) and I somehow managed(incl. kicking it down 3 flights of stairs and somehow always managing to get stuck every way), and the 9 YR old helped me decorate it a bit, and when the 22 YR old saw it had been done just like always he said they ( him and the other kids) were going to take it down! He said because I “didn’t wait” for the others ( what others? Those exact  same “others” that haven’t helped me put up a tree in YRS?) that they (him and the other kids, and maybe, I presume, his GF when she gets here?) will dismantle it and take it all down and all the decorations that I did and then put up their own! So, basically, stripping down my tree( that I worked hard on) and replacing it with theirs! It does sound typical of how they treat me though: the tree is symbolic of me: tearing it down like how they demean me. They better not though, that’s so rude, mean, disrespectful, and defiant. They were told that they can decorate a little tree together with his GF when she arrives if they want(it can be like their friendship tree!) but that they’re not to deface, destroy, or get rid of our family tree. Also, as a side note: the lights on the tree look really cool when you’re high. 🙂