screen-shot-11-26-16-at-10-30-am Cuba’s former revolutionary leader Fidel Castro has died at age 90. Americans in particular (and I see it all over the Internet) are cheering and celebrating his death, calling him a despot,dictator, and vilifying him, but others revere him as a freedom fighter and mourn the loss of a great leader. It all depends on your perspective. Both my mother and I, for example, have always been very fond of him, but we are a couple of old Communists, afterall; what’s left of the Old Guard, and my friend A (who’s parents are from Chile and lived under Fascism) does as well. Say what you will about him, but he did love his country and cared deeply for his people.

screen-shot-11-26-16-at-12-53-pm-001 Following the Cuban Revolution of 1959 health and education reforms created vast improvements, and the literacy rate greatly improved,and,in fact, reversed, as prior, under the former regime most Cubans were poor and illiterate but under Castro’s rule most of them became literate, and he also took back land from USA and gave it back to the Cuban people, got rid of American Imperialism in Latin America( incl. their military influence and financial dominance) which is the real reason Americans hate him so much, and he brought forth equality for blacks and women. I’ve always admired how he stood up to USA and didn’t let them push him around and despite a 50 YR embargo he still never gave in and basically told them to f*ck off and mind their own business.

screen-shot-11-26-16-at-12-53-pm One story that I’ll always remember about him is that he was a family man.(He had something like 9 kids) This time a female reporter came to interview him and she had mentioned that her child was starting the first day of school  so he re-scheduled the interview and the next time he saw her he’d remembered and asked, “So, how was the first day of school?” He was always for the people and one of the people, accessible to the people  and did what he thought was best for his country and his people, incl. protecting it from American aggression and expansion.No system is perfect, and no leader or person is perfect, but he did do alot of good, it’s just that with some people anything that has to do even remotely with Communism or Socialism will automatically be discredited and scoffed at.

He may have been a controversial, polarizing figure, but I refuse to speak ill of someone who has died, and I prefer to see the good in people and the good they’ve done, and besides, I’m really tired of all the hate, which seems to have only increased lately ever since Trump was elected in the U.S; the white supremacists and other hate groups just seem to be coming out of the woodwork like never before, with hate and racism becoming more commonplace, more accepted, more mainstream, more popular, more tolerated, more normal and that’s really disturbing….hating Castro, hating Muslims, hating refugees, hating immigrants,hating Mexicans, etc. and I just don’t get it……I’m just so sick of all the hate; it makes my brain hurt!