Hippo In Heat.

screen-shot-11-25-16-at-01-32-pm I’ve just been so horny lately it’s unreal, I’m like a hippo in heat! I don’t know if it has to do with menopause approaching or what but I really need some! I haven’t been laid in so long I almost feel like I’m a virgin again and my hubby doesn’t bother with me anymore so I’ve had to resort to a vibrator, and, in fact, when I confessed it in church, I whispered, “……using sex toys!” the priest wasn’t even phased by it, and said he’s heard everything, incl. murder so nothing really shocks or surprises him. I’ve really been going at it lately, giving it a work out, and I was even tempted to not wear any underwear (Go “Commando”) just so that I’d have a dirty little secret all of my own, and I  feel like grabbing every single guy that I see, and all I can think about lately is sex,sex,sex so I wonder if maybe I’m at the ovulation/fertile part of my cycle? I used to keep track of it religiously and chart when I was fertile so I know when to either avoid or when to target, depending on whether or not I wanted another baby, but I haven’t been lately as there’s no need; now I just write down when “Aunt Flow” is due so that there won’t be any surprises although that often comes a few days early or late, anyway. I really need The Big One, where my toes curl and I can see the inside of the back of my head, where I’m breathless,and all I can think of is, “Holy shit!!!!!”

As well, I also noticed that before I used to get mad and freak out easily and often at everything,common with Asperger’s and bipolar, but now that I’m on meds and use weed that hardly anything even bothers me anymore; I’m alot more easygoing,mellow, and relaxed and just go with the flow and now stuff just slides right off me; I just don’t give a shit anymore.Now I’m just apathetic and don’t even care, I’ve just basically given up and nothing’s worth it. I’m not sure which is worse….