The Accidental Racist.

screen-shot-11-30-16-at-10-47-am-001 The 13 YR old drew this picture which obviously looks racist although it wasn’t her intent. She didn’t even know or realize that it was racist, she was just trying to draw a Japanese-style theme for her sister that lived and worked in Japan for 3 YRS. I call her the Accidental Racist. She does things like this alot, unfortunately, says, does, or draws things that are racist although unintentionally and she doesn’t even realize it and it’s just the strangest thing because I have no idea where she gets it from, and often it ends up with comical, although embarrassing results. She never means to offend people or to be racist, it just always seems to end up that way.

As well, my hubby made a cruel barb about me weighing ” 3000 pounds” ( I should  have sat on him!) and says I “always ruin everything” (he’s one to talk; he’s ruined my life!!) and I’m still convinced  he wants me dead,too, that way he’d get rid of me without having to pay alimony, and he’d get the kids all to himself, and he’d get my life insurance $$$$$ as well. He hates me and I know that he wants me out of the picture, so it really wouldn’t surprise me at all.

The 22 YR old also told the 17 YR old that he wants a Rolex watch for Christmas so she said, yeah, sure, thinking that it was just a watch….until she actually went and checked about it and found out the cost and then quickly changed her mind, and esp. now with the trial we’re going thru I realize that I am alot stronger than I thought or realized that I was, and that I’m a warrior and that I can survive more than I give myself credit for (look at all the traumas I already have survived so far!)and that God has never let me down and has always given me strength and kept us safe and protected us,and with His grace I will continue  to survive.