Consider Where It Comes From.

screen-shot-12-02-16-at-12-43-pm I still remember facing the Mean Girls in grade 7 and the bullies in grade 8 as I tried to endure their cruel barbs, taunts, insults, punches,abuse,jeers,ridicule,laughs,and other various torure my mother saying, “Just consider where it comes from!” reminding me that it just comes from cruel, mean, hateful bitches and assholes and who cares what people like them think, anyway! Their opinion doesn’t mean anything to me! I’d expect nothing less from such a shitty person! This helped “re-shape” my way of thinking and helped make it a bit “easier” to help bear the torment and help a bit with my self-esteem and a technique I still use and apply to my life today:

The Mean Girls that snicker and laugh when I walk past, talk behind my back, jeer, and hurl hurtful words of ridicule and exclusion, I consider where it comes from.

Bitchy popular girls who exclude those they deem “unworthy.” Shallow and phony people, not the kind you’d want for friends.


The bullies that spit on me, trip me as I walk by, pinch and hit me, mock and taunt me, whack me over the head with binders, call me names and harrass me, I consider where it comes from.

White trash. From abusive broken homes themselves and likely projecting the violence onto others.Low-rent individuals, ghetto-types, bad influences, best avoided.


The guys that ignore and reject me, that never looked at me, dreamed about me, fantasized about me, sent me a Valentine, asked me to dance, asked me to a Prom, asked me out, wanted to have &$#@ with me, wanted to marry me, etc…. I consider where it comes from.

Guys that are shallow and only care about looks or being popular, not about personality or what’s on the inside. Not the kind of person you’d want for a mate,anyway.


My own family; my own mother, husband,and kids,  telling me I’m stupid, making me feel unloved, worthless, belittling, berating, devaluing, dismissing, and demeaning me, pushing me out so I feel like an outsider, I consider where it comes from.

Ungrateful kids and a family that hates me and sees no value or worth in me.Why should I waste my time on people that treat me like shit and don’t give a f*ck about me?


I just consider where it comes from. What do you expect  from people like that, and who cares what they think, anyway?