Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Gays But Were Afraid To Ask.

screen-shot-09-30-16-at-11-40-am The 13 YR old always accuses me of “hating” gay people. I don’t,and just because I disapprove of their lifestyle doesn’t mean that I hate them  and you can disagree with people and with things that they do but still like them as people, and I believe that all people should be treated with kindness, dignity, and respect.I have gay friends, for example. I don’t hate anyone. I refuse to hate. In any case, I have always had certain questions about them, and have always wondered how they do certain things, the “mechanics” of things if you will, just part of my curiousity. For the life of me I just wasn’t able to figure certain things out or wrap my brain around it but I think now I’ve finally found most of the answers!

For one thing, I had always wondered how do they do sex change surgery? esp. when they transition from male to female. I mean, I know they snip the dick and balls off but how do you make the woman’s part, esp. when it’s a hole but to make one where there is no hole? Just the other day though I happened to come across a video online on this exact topic and it was a drawing illustrating how they do it…..so now I know. I also had always thought that in a gay partnership that one of the partners was referred to as the “husband” and the other as the “wife” whether it was 2 men or 2 women, but apparantly  not: with the woman they both refer to eachother as their “wife” and the men both refer to eachother as their “husband.”

Another thing that had puzzled me was with gay guys that I had just always assumed that they both switch and take turns who gets to go on the top and who gets to go on the bottom, but as it turns out everyone has their preference; they are either “Tops” or “Bottoms” and generally stay in their preferred position every time, so I guess then they’d have to match up and find a partner that prefers the opposite.

still don’t know about the gerbils though( or if it’s even true or not) about how some gay guys shove gerbils up their ass…..for one thing how do you get them up there in the first place? I mean, I figure to remove them you’d just reach up and grab them by the tail and pull them out, like how a woman reaches for the string on her tampon and yanks it out….but how do you get it up there to begin with? I mean, tampons have applicators to insert them, gerbils don’t; my only guess would be to use a hollow tube of some sort and put it there and allow it to burrow in….oh, God…and don’t even get me started on the anal beads….

You learn something new every day. Some days you even learn more than one thing.