Warrant Officer.

screen-shot-12-08-16-at-01-27-pm Good news! The 17 YR old got the coveted position of Warrant Officer in Cadets, like she was hoping for and working hard for. It’s the highest rank they have in her squad and there’s only one position in the entire squad,too. It was her, her best friend, and another person that were all competing for it, and my concern was if either her or her BF got it, that it might affect their friendship, even though they both promised that it won’t but when she won her BF was crying because it also meant that she lost although a short while later she still did text her a Congratulations! so it seems they’re still friends, so far,anyway. It’ll also look good on her university application if she does decide to apply to  RMC as well.

As well, I got the new Rolling Stones CD, their first one i9n 10 YRS and it’s a Blues album,too, so it’s two things that I love; the Rolling Stones and  the Blues! I was even able to copy it all over onto my iPod,too,and quite easily, even for a pinhead like me.Someone also stole my new toothbrush and it’s been gone for 3 days now and I was forced to just use an old bent up grubby one (yeeeecccch!!) and I actually thought I might have been having a heart attack the other night in bed,too, but it ended up to just be indigestion from the Thai food,but I remember reading somewhere that woman’s heart attack symptoms are often not the same as men’s and are often mistaken for indigestion….

After weed I also was vibrating and expanding; I was one with the universe, but the more I flattened out and expanded the pressure grew and it was so strong in my ears it felt like they were going to burst, and I was even able to see sound,too! It was an amazing trip!I also got the “revelation” that I should “find someone who loves me enough to help me pick up all of the broken pieces and put them back together again.” One of the neighbour’s dogs( a big Boxer) was also out loose and running around and it chased after Buddy as we were coming back from a walk and it chased us up the drive and steps and I had to quickly scoop him up and run into the house and shut the door. It was really scary.