The Hippo And The Washcloth.

screen-shot-12-06-16-at-03-07-pm Let me tell you about the hippo and the washcloth. I went up to have a bath and when I got out of the bath, all dripping wet and cold I went to get a towel out of the cabinet and there were no towels! All I had to dry myself off was a  washcloth.


A tiny washcloth. Can you imagine trying to dry a hippo with a washcloth? It would be like trying to dry off an elephant with a Kleenex! I had no other choice, though, as I wasn’t going to streak bare-ass naked (there are just some things that you can’t un-see!)all the way downstairs to see if there were any clean dry towels still in the dryer and there wasn’t anyone around I could yell down to to get me one, so I had to make do and get dry with a measly little washcloth. You can only imagine how well that went.

The 22 YR old’s GF arrives later today from California as well to visit over Christmas and she’s staying until January, and the 13 YR old always has these “incidences” with everything, mostly food, so that she’s not able to eat much of anything anymore,and now she announced that she ‘had an incident”  with Newfoundland….. even though she’s never even been there! How can you possibly  have an incident with a place that you’ve never even been?  Now the 15 YR old’s sick with the virus as well. It’s going to eventually take us all down, one by one.

There were also police all over and the area was all blocked off with yellow crime scene tape at the end of the street and I wondered if someone was murdered and my hubby figured it was probably a meth lab or something but the 13 YR old went on the police website and found out some guy ran over another guy on purpose with his car and(if running him over wasn’t bad enough) was punching him in the face because he owed him $$$. Whenever I say something the 9 YR old thinks is weird,too, he’ll say, “How much weed did you have?”even if I’ve never had any that day!

Now I’ve raised the kids and they don’t need me or really seem to want me much in their lives anymore I don’t have a purpose in my life anymore,either, and I wish that they knew that I’m not really so “bad”; that I’m not really so “annoying”, crazy, difficult,useless, worthless, or whatever else unkind, undesirable, unflattering, etc.things they think of me; I’m just broken, and the fire is still raging even though it’s almost burned out, there still are a few glowing embers left. I just need someone to care enough to keep the fire going.