The Cord.

screen-shot-12-10-16-at-08-31-am I had this weird  dream last night. It started off the usual in my often recurring dream I’d moved back to my old Toronto house, and we had the same furniture that we did back then, incl. the large wood-framed TV that sat on the floor and the gold brocade sofa we got from my grandmother but we were just waiting for our current furniture to arrive, so it was only temporary, and I remember I was watching a new episode of “Degrassi” on TV, yet it was my grade 7 photo that was displayed on top of the TV…. but then there was this brown electric cord, although it was really long, so it looked more like an extension cord, but it seemed to be attached to the lamp or the stereo( and the Christmas tree) in the diningroom, and it kept trying to kill me! It would either shock me in an attempt to electrocute me, or it would try and wrap itself around my throat to strangle me, and it would even chase me all over( like a snake slithering around) and then I heard Buddy whimper and I turned around and saw it wrapping itself around him and I charged over yelling, “You leave him alone!!” and I lunged at him and tore the cord from off him as it was electrocuting me………

and then I woke up.

As well, I also discovered that it’s probably not a good idea to order KFC delivery online after weed (and once I had finally managed to figure out  the long and complicated process which took me forever) I clicked “sign Out” by mistake, thinking I was  checking out…..and I lost my entire order and had to re-do it all over  again. I was helping the 9 YR old create video games as well and I had to keep telling him when to jump, or when to walk,what to avoid and what to go for and grab at, etc. but the problem is that I don’t know enough about video games and I have no f*cking idea which bird is safe to touch, or which fish you have to avoid, because they both look so cute so how  can I possibly tell who the bad ones are,which coloured ones are safe and which are not? red? green? and I  don’t know what’s good or what’s bad so I guess it’s just best to avoid everything( except for the coins, which are kind of obvious) and to just either go into the pipe to escape or go thru the door, and in many cases jump, esp. if something’s coming at you, in many other cases, run, and in other things just keep on walking,and if you don’t know what’s coming up next just don’t do anything. Don’t make a move.Just stay still.Wait it out.Wait and see what’s next.

Life’s like that,too.