screen-shot-12-12-16-at-08-20-am The harsh and critical way my family treats me makes me feel stripped. It’s like bit by bit they’re stripping away every bit of humanity, value, dignity,and worth that I have left in  me until I’m left beaten and defeated.

Stripped of my dignity.

Stripped of all love.

Stripped of any self-esteem.

Stripped of self-worth.

Stripped of feeling adequate.

Stripped of joy.

Stripped of hope.

Stripped of dreams.

Stripped of life.

Speaking of which, someone now stole my coconut oil; they’d taken it and replaced it with the new one (and then the 15 YR old said to my hubby about me, “She was probably just high and forgot where she put it!”), and my hubby and the 15 YR old were calling me derogatory names,too, such as “Pothead”, “Druggie”, and “loser” and she also said I’m “Just like those teenage potheads”. They’re always calling me names and putting me down. It’s nothing new. I just try and consider where it comes from. I still have cramps as well and my mother  said I should have gone to the hospital for all that bleeding,too, but they don’t take “women things” seriously though and they’d just tell me it’s a “really bad period” and send me home and tell me to take a Midol. Maybe I even DO have uterine cancer or something, but even if I do then so be it, nothing will un-do it,anyway.