The 100$.

screen-shot-12-14-16-at-05-25-pm The 15 YR old found my old Louis Vuitton purse I got in Rome YRS ago and asked if she could have it. It has a broken strap and I said she can have it but she has to fix it and I want to save what’s inside and to not throw anything out so she took everything out…..and she said I said 100$ in there I didn’t know about! There were some Euros in there, some American $$$$ and some of our $$$$ and so with my new-found wealth I decided to go Christmas shopping. I’m happy to just even find 5$ in a jacket pocket so this was a real treat!

So I went to the mall and with smart spending I was able to buy little Christmas gifts for all the kids, and all stuff that I know they like but at reasonable prices. I even got Buddy a doggy Christmas stocking full of dog treats,too. I ran out of $$$$ before I could buy anything for my mother or my hubby but it’s more about the kids anyway and I bought their gifts first, starting at the youngest and then working my way up until I ran out of $$$$.It’s always nice to be surprised with extra $$$$ that you didn’t know you had, esp. around Christmas time and this allowed me to buy presents that I wouldn’t have been able to buy otherwise. God works in mysterious ways and always provides!

At first my mother had scolded me for not giving the 15 YR old anything(paying her) for finding the $$$ in my purse( and for giving it to me and not keeping it all for herself) but I had a much better plan in mind instead, to buy Christmas gifts with it. When she first told me that she’d found the $$$$ my first thought was she was fooling me, and then I was like, “Whoa! All right! I’m rich!” and then “Now I can buy Christmas presents for the kids!”

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