screen-shot-12-15-16-at-12-34-pm Today is our anniversary. To celebrate we went out for dinner last night( as my hubby has to work tonight)at a Greek restaurant and then went to the cinema to see the new Star Wars movie. I had souvlaki for dinner but it was undercooked and the pork was pink so I won’t be surprised if I get sick and end up with E-Coli or samonella poisoning or something. My hubby was upset I wore my new marijauana shirt and grumbled, “You’re wearing your pot shirt again?” but it’s my new shirt and I like it, and besides, he always wears these really nerdy, stupid,and lame shirts and I have to go out in public with him like that so what can he say, besides, I wear what I want. In any case, the lady at the restaurant asked, “What’s that on your shirt? Is it…..marijuana?” and then she let out this big deep hearty laugh and kept on laughing! I think it really made her day, and she must have been in her 50’s or 60’s.

We also saw the new Star Wars movie and I was afraid we wouldn’t be able to get tickets, being opening night, and I expected a line up a block long down the street……but hardly anyone was there and the cinema was only half full; I think people didn’t  even realize  it started yesterday and probably thought it didn’t start until today. It was good, and my hubby insisted on waiting until the very end, until the credits were over, convinced there would be a “surprise” at the end, which there never was, so it was all for nothing and I felt like such an idiot being the last one to leave.

I can’t believe we’ve been together for 28 YRS either. That’s more than half my life and it makes me feel really old.It was also exactly 28 YRS ago today that I lost my virginity. Wow….it was so long ago….holy shit….where does the time go?