The Other Tree.

screen-shot-12-18-16-at-11-31-am-001 Now we have two Christmas trees in the house; the family one in the livingroom and this one that the 15 YR old has in her bedroom. She decorated it all herself using the extra and left-over decorations after I had put up our tree. I had also asked her like 3 weeks ago to make one of her nice glittery red and green bows for our family tree like she’d made for all of her friends at cheerleading( they use it for their ponytails but I thought it looked pretty and festive all sparkly and the Christmas colours and would look nice on our tree as a ribbon decoration) and she said that she would….but she never did, she couldn’t even be bothered to make a nice decoration for her family’s tree, and then she had the excuse that she ran out of ribbon…..even though she used tons of it on her own tree, she couldn’t spare any to make the ribbon for the family tree, even though I asked her weeks ago!….again….typical of whenever I ask anything of anybody it’s just ignored.No one gives a shit. I can’t believe Christmas is less than a week away,either, this YR esp. it just seemed to come really fast!

It’s also been 3 weeks now since I had my acrylic nails done at the salon and they’re still all on, and have been growing really long and way past my fingertips and have gotten too long now it’s hard to do things so I had to cut and file them down shorter! They’re still long-ish but short enough that they’re functional, and when they eventually do fall off my own nails would have grown out long underneath! The 15 YR old said when she got hers done it lasted about 6 weeks before they finally broke off but I think she just kept letting hers keep growing.