Pierogies And Octopus.

screen-shot-12-19-16-at-08-25-am The 22 YR old’s GF said she’s always wanted to try pierogies. I’m surprised that coming from California that she hasn’t had them, being the diverse ethnic cuisine available there, but she’s never had them, and it’s something that we eat quite regularly for dinner so we purposely made them one night just for her and she liked them. We had the 3 cheese kind but we’ve also had potato and bacon, and potato and cheddar. I also remember YRS ago, BK( before kids) when I had lots of time I used to make homemade pierogies  from scratch(incl. mushroom and sour cream ones, meat ones, and even fruit ones) and I’d have 100-200 of them all spread out all over the kitchen counter tops and then I’d separate them into little bags and freeze them for future use. Now we’re busy and lazy we just buy them frozen and cook them.Sometimes we fry them and other times we boil them.We also eat them with sour cream.Delicious!!

We’re also having 15 people over for Christmas dinner this YR, as well as our own family we’ll have the 22 YR old’s GF, my father-in-law, my brother-in-law( who would have been all alone otherwise and we don’t want anyone to be alone at Christmas!) and the 20 YR old’s friend. It will be a full house for sure,and it’s a good thing that we bought several turkeys and hams so we’ll have enough food but we’ll have to set up extra tables and chairs in the livingroom to fit all the extra people! Buddy’s smart too and he turns on the heated blanket himself! He’ll jump on the button to turn it on and then burrow underneath it, the smart little bugger! I know he does too because I turn it off and then when I go back it’s turned on again,and the 9 YR old said he even saw him do  it! Now that’s one smart dog!!

screen-shot-12-19-16-at-08-26-am I was eating as well and thought I saw an octopus tentacle in my food, complete with suction cups underneath,and I completely grossed out(and my food also tasted like sawdust and rubber)…..but then I realized I had just had weed and concluded that I was probably just hallucinating(at least I sure hope so!), and I still laugh remembering when the kids bring in the groceries from the car and sing in unison that song from Les Miserables, “Look down, look down, you’ll always be a slave…..” and the 9 YR old had a really bad day and he was just distraught and it was painful to watch, esp. when he drew pictures( expressing himself) of Santa on fire, a hippo with blood coming out of it, and a castle made out of TNT. I think the kid’s got problems but no one believes me or takes it seriously whenever I say anything.They just blow off anything I say.

screen-shot-12-19-16-at-06-26-pm I also saw this and I love it. I sure hope so, I just hope I can hold on that long.

The 15 YR old said she hopes Buddy dies as well and she’s often saying things like that, “I hope so-and-so burns in a fire”, etc. and I told her ,”You’re such a bitch lately!” and she huffed at me, “So are you!”….except I’m not the one going around saying I want people to die,and then she goes, “Buddy’s not a person; he’s a dog!” but she knows what I mean. She’s often saying really cruel awful things.Quite often lately I find myself having to close my eyes and go to my Happy Place, thinking about happy memories of my childhood or teen YRS, or re-live my travelling, incl. laying on the beach, happy memories of happy times in my life, because they’re the only happiness and escape I have in my life now. My toxic family makes it very hard for me to find peace.

I think the kids think I’m a hypocrite now I use weed,too, as I used to be critical of people before that used it and now I do it myself, but the way I see it is I’ve just become more open, tolerant, and accepting, and less judgemental,and besides, people can change. Isn’t it a good thing that I’m “growing” and not so “narrow?” (and this is the closest I’ve ever gotten ,too, to even being remotely cool!) but regardless what I do or don’t do they’re still  going to hate me and criticize me anyway so I just do what’s best for me ,and consider where it comes from.