This Christmas.

screen-shot-12-19-16-at-01-34-pm I have decided that this Christmas I will concentrate solely on the True Meaning of Christmas, that is, The Birth Of Jesus Christ. I will spend extra time in prayer and thanksgiving, I will be prayerful and contemplative, and I will not let anyone or anything distract myself from the True message of the season.This Christmas I will also not be pissed-off, grumble, or complain about the crowds in church for Christmas Eve Mass, even though I always get there early. I will just enjoy the Mass and not let the once-a -YR crowd annoy me. This Christmas I will also not be disappointed. I will not allow myself to get disappointed or upset if it doesn’t snow and we don’t end up having a white Christmas. I also won’t get disappointed this Christmas if I don’t get any gifts, if no one cares enough to buy me anything, or to not be disappointed if I do get gifts but I don’t like what I got or it wasn’t what I was hoping for; instead  I will be grateful for what I did get, or that I got anything at all. Lastly, this Christmas I refuse to let my toxic family ruin the day for me, no matter what they may do or say to goad me, provoke me, set me up, antagonize me, put me down,act up, etc. I won’t give in to it; I’ll just try to ignore them and have a good Christmas despite them.

This Christmas is going to be good, and I’m going to enjoy it and have a good day.

As well, I have a wart on my finger I must have got at the nail salon; I don’t know where else it could have come from, and when I look at Buddy I don’t even see a dog; I just see a kindred spirit.When God sent me Buddy He gave me my best friend. I also decided that my fave. French phrase is “Je m’excuse” which means “excuse me” but literally translated would be “I excuse me” or “I excuse myself” and for some reason I always just thought it to be the perfect phrase, just the way the “m’excuse” goes to express itself, I don’t know, maybe it’s a language-nerd thing……I just think the literal translation of “I excuse me” is kind of funny…..