The Water.

screen-shot-12-22-16-at-12-39-pm-001 A couple of days ago we had the guy from the water company over to install a water purification/filtration system into a tap in our kitchen sink so that my hubby wouldn’t have to keep on getting huge jugs of bottled water for the water cooler in the kitchen every couple of weeks. This way(which was actually recommended by the people at the water store) we get direct access to the pure, filtered water that we’d be getting in the big jugs at the water store, the  exact same water they get, using the same filtering system, only on a much smaller scale.We don’t drink standard tap water ,which comes out of the sewer ,so you might as well be drinking water from the toilet!

It took the guy 3 1/2 HRS to install as he initially thought he just had to work under the sink in the kitchen when he ended up having to crawl under the house outside in the cold and snow to access underwater pipes to the kitchen and he also found out, while he was in there, that that’s the base where all the mice that come into our house thru the kitchen pipes come from! He said in 15 months it’ll “pay” for itself, that is to say that it would have cost the same over 15 months in what we’d spend on bottled water as it did to have the system installed, only this lasts indefinitely,and the only thing we have to do is replace the filters every few YRS. This tap with the clean purified, filtered water is for drinking only though and not for washing your hands, hair, body,etc., for dishes,for cleaning off toys, for cooking, to give  to the dog, to fill up your water-balloons or water guns, to water plants,to brush your teeth,etc.and you use a cup when you want a drink,too, you Do not put your mouth under the tap like a Neanderthal.

It was also quite a fascinating  experience watching the 9 YR old playing Geometry Dash after I’d just had weed,too, and all those shapes,colours, and the funky “Tecno-Pop” “Rave” music really intruigued me, and I think one reason maybe my mother hates me as well is maybe I remind her of my father who she hates, and I think maybe also she resents that she had to work her whole life( being a single mother) and resents it that I never had to and that I was able to stay home with my kids….

Another way I feel left out, separate and “disconnected” from my family as well is they all(except my mother, but my hubby and kids do) like to get together and play board games  or cards for HRS, HRS on end,and they have fun doing it, but board games and cards just aren’t my thing as I haven’t got the patience for them and I find them long, drawn-out,and boring,so I never join them, but it makes me feel left out and just another stinging reminder of how I’m an “outsider” in my own family,and how I don’t fit in, and even when I try to “insert” myself, incl. myself, show interest,try to join in with them , be part of the family,etc.. I just get rebuffed, rejected, ignored, or mocked,anyway, so the question is how then do I know when enough’s enough  and  it’s time to  give it up and just walk away? I realized as well that maybe the reason I’ll likely die before I turn 50 is that’s the normal lifespan of a hippo; it usually lives around 50 YRS or so!  🙂