Frohe Weihnachten!


Merry Christmas! All yesterday and today I keep on repeating this mantra to myself over and over, “I will not let my family ruin Christmas for me, I will not  let my family ruin Christmas for me….” so no matter what they might say or do to try and “get my goat” I will not allow it to ruin my Christmas. I am concentrating on the True meaning of the day which is the Birth of Christ, so Happy Birthday Jesus. Last night we also had Christmas Eve Mass and I went to the earlier one as I can’t stay up late anymore but the kids all went to a later one. It was packed full, standing room only, and some people were even standing, and kids were sitting on their parent’s laps.We were packed in like sardines.It reminded me of flying economy class. The good of it though is at least it means that lots of people are going to church to worship God, and even the ones that just go the once a YR it’s still better than not at all. There were lots of young families there and it made me feel sad sitting there all alone, without a family, and also made me nostalgic missing the time when the kids were younger and times were happier.

We have a tradition that after church Christmas Eve ( and the day before  Christmas Eve is Christmas Eve Eve and we call it “Christmas Steve”) everyone gets to open up one gift each and then we do all the rest on Christmas morning. I just chose the first one I could find with my name on it and it was from the 22 YR old’s GF which was a nice surprise…..and it was Turtles chocolate! Mmmmmmmm, I love it, and how did she ever know  that I love Turtles? We had a mini crisis as well: we found out that a couple of the kids’ Christmas stockings are missing so went out to the store last minute yesterday to try and find some….but never found any so they just get their loot in a baggie this YR, ghetto-style!

Last night I also thought I was tripping out as I was laying in bed for the night I started to see these twinkling red and green lights strobing all over my bedroom walls and ceiling and I haven’t seen them before so I didn’t think it was our outdoor Christmas lights and I had ingested my cannabis oil a few HRS before, so…..I just thought I must have been hallucinating, but then today my mother said that she saw it in her bedroom, too, so I wasn’t imagining it and it wasn’t just me, and as it turned out my hubby had added new lights and that’s what it was, and he also added this really tacky gaudy light up snowman on the lawn,too, it’s just so….hideous, I hope someone steals it….

Joyeux Noel!