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My Birthday.

screen-shot-01-04-17-at-08-46-amFor my birthday yesterday only 4 of the kids even bothered to wish me a Happy Birthday, just the oldest, the 22 YR old, 17 YR old,and 9 YR old and none of the kids even bothered to make me cards, not even for this milestone birthday, and my only gift was “Aunt Flow”, that came 5 days early and with debilitating cramps….Happy f*cking Birthday! The oldest joked he would have mailed me a hippo but he wasn’t able to get the postage for it, plus I told him he’d have to pay more in shipping than for the actual hippo because we always get screwed over with shipping costs, often double what you paid for the item itself!

screen-shot-01-04-17-at-04-40-pm I also got lots of Birthday wishes, greetings, thoughts, and well-wishes from my friends on Facebook,and the one pictured here is the one Patti sent me. (I just love it!) which really means alot and I appreciate, and I’d said to celebrate I was going to hang out with my dog and smoke a Big Fatty and get ripped…..and my friend W (from Ottawa) was worried as he thought that a Big Fatty was a cigar! He was worried I was smoking cigars and I would get cancer! He said he cares about me and doesn’t want me to get tumours and die….it was hilarious……I tried to picture myself smoking cigars… Castro….ha,ha……

Other than my mother and I went out for lunch(I had a gourmet pizza with feta cheese, chicken, hot peppers, mushrooms, onions,and dried tomatoes) and I had a birthday cake my birthday just seemed like any other normal ordinary day, and no one made any “fuss” or anything over it, no special celebration or “honour”, even though it’s my 50th, with most of the kids not even acknowledging it even was my birthday, let alone a milestone one, even though for most people they would make a “deal” over the 50th, such as hire a limo, have a party at a banquet hall, get flowers, have a spa day,or do something at least to commemerate it, but for me, nope, barely a mention it’s my birthday!

It’s also so unfair that my mood stabilizers I have put on a massive amount of weight( 50 pounds) and then I get even more depressed because now I’m fat, too! I read somewhere as well about something called Serontonin Syndrome where too-high levels of Seratonin in the brain can cause you to have certain symptoms(I have) and even die, and it’s caused by taking too many anti-depressants; high levels of seratonin, and I am on high levels as well as a combination, so now it’s making me wonder……