The Blanket.

screen-shot-01-10-17-at-06-50-pm-001 Buddy and I were curled up on the couch under the heated blanket when all of a sudden I felt a strong surge, or current, going thru me, causing me to stiffen up like with that seizure I had before, reminding me of it,and when I looked down I also realized that Buddy, who was curled up in my legs was also looking like he was having a seizure,too; he was rigid and his mouth was open and he look glassy-eyed, staring off into space and for awhile there I actually even thought he was dead, so then it hit me…..if it’s happening to both of us we must be being electrocuted……the heated blanket must be electrocuting us! so I instinctively grabbed Buddy and threw him off me putting him down on the floor beside me, away from the shock, and he quickly recovered….

But I was still continuing to be shocked and electrocuted by the blanket and as each current surged thru me I could feel it getting stronger and myself getting weaker,and I could feel  it coursing thru my body, and I could feel my heart quivering and it pumps getting fainter and fainter,and I could feel myself becoming weaker and weaker, and the life-force just quickly draining, just sapping out of me, and I faintly called out to my mother and the 9 YR old(who happened to be in the room with me at the time) “The heated blanket’s electrocuting me! I’m not making it up!” and my mother came over and turned it off and walked away………but she didn’t believe me.

You see, I’d had my weed a few HRS before, and she said it was all just a “bad trip” and a hallucination….except that I know it wasn’t. It was just so…..frighteningly real, I know it really did happen ,and even now I can still remember it all in chilling detail,  incl. the sheer panic that I felt, and the surprise I found at telling someone as opposed to just not saying anything and not alerting anyone and just letting myself quietly slip away…why the hesitation, the fear……perhaps I was  worried about other people, that someone else might touch or sit on the blanket and get electrocuted too, maybe even Buddy jump back up on it,again? It was so real I knowdidn’t imagine it, and even afterwards I remember having a seizure as I was “coming out” of the electrocution and I was also coming in and out of consciousness and my heart was racing and it took me quite awhile afterwards to recover from it and for awhile there I thought I might have even been dying, that my heart was going to give out,and so I prepared myself spiritually for The End and said my prayers and I reached out to Buddy as I wanted to die stroking his soft warm fur and to be next to him.

Even now I’m still wondering if it took a beating to my heart and now may “pre-dispose” me to a heart attack,and I’m even more worried about how it may have affected Buddy (he’s old, you know, he’ll be 11 next month!) and just in case you were wondering, I left the heated blanket unplugged. I’m not taking any more chances with that thing.