The Mystery.

screen-shot-01-11-17-at-02-21-pm-001 It’s now become a mystery; did I get electrocuted by the heated blanket afterall like it seemed and like I thought……or I wonder could I have maybe had a seizure instead and because I’d had my weed I just thought I was being electrocuted by the blanket because my thinking was distorted and because having a seizure does feel like you’re being electrocuted; with an electric current running thru your body, causing you to become rigid and stiff, your heart to race , you become drained of energy and weakened….so now it’s a mystery: did my blanket actually try to kill me or did I have another seizure? I had one last YR a few days after Christmas….and that’s what I know of, the neurologist said I may have others,too, that go undetected, like my friend W who said he  has epilepsy and never even knew it as he only had seizures in his sleep and only found out once his father saw him have a seizure in his sleep.

So now I’m trying to figure out , reason,and deduce which is more likely, more logical, more probable,and most likely happened, so I was checking online and I was surprised to see that migraines and seizures are closely related and linked and show similar  patterns on scans, and I’ve had migraines ever since I was 13, and for 4 days in a row before it happened I also had this weird headache I always woke up with and I was unable to get rid of that was different than usual and then only after the seizure or shock or whatever it was the headache finally went away…..and I found out that headaches can often precede seizures and are common before their onset! Hmmmmmm….

My mother discounted the seizure theory as she said I was talking all during it and you don’t talk during seizures as you’re unconscious and even though I was unconscious during my last one(and just woke up and was aware of it at the end as I was coming out of it) this time I was fully aware and I was semi-conscious; I knew what was happening to me and I was aware my mother and the 9 YR old were in the room although I wasn’t able to see or tell exactly where, just a vague idea that they were there. She also said that I wasn’t shaking, just ” cringing” and the 9 YR old said I kept staring straight ahead, off into space, with a blank look on my face, and I was curled up in a ball. I know there are different degrees of seizures though,too.

I decided one way to find out would be to test the blanket; to plug it in and turn it on and touch it and see if anything happens; if I feel a shock or anything…….so I did….and nothing happened. It heated up like it usually does but I never got a shock of any kind so it appears to be working normally,and I inspected it closely looking for any loose or frayed wires and there were none( and it’s only a YR old, we got it for Christmas last YR) so it doesn’t appear to be faulty, and my research showed that electric blankets are more likely to catch fire if malfunctioning that to electrocute you….yet I’m sure Buddy looked like he was seizuring too yet both my mother and the 9 YR old said he didn’t look stiff or anything, that he looked normal(and they wondered why I tossed him off me), so maybe the weed made me imagine that he was, and with my other seizure before I remember at first thinking that it was him (also curled up against my legs) that was shaking and I thought, “Why is he shaking  like that?” and then I realized, “Oh, it’s not him that’s shaking….it’s me!” because with the weed my perception was distorted, so it could have been the same thing again.

Also, even once my mother turned the blanket off I was still feeling the “electric shock” feeling coursing thru my body, zapping the life out of me,and if it really was the blanket shocking me it should have stopped once she turned it off and not still continued even after, which would indicate a seizure, and for awhile before it occurred Buddy( who was snuggling with me) was agitated and kept whimpering as he was cuddling with me and the 9 YR old remarked, “What’s wrong with that dog today?” but dogs can sense when something’s not right,so he must have known it was coming and during it he kept pawing at me and whining as well; he knew something was wrong and he was worried!

The only way I could see the blanket electrocuting me as well would be if someone intentionally sabotaged it; that is, if they tampered with it somehow purposely trying to kill me. I don’t even want to go there. They’d practically have to cut a wire loose or something in order for it to short-circuit and shock me. I am the only one that uses it and it would be an ingenious way to get rid of me, but I don’t even want to think of the possibility.

I would think all things considered: at the time I was convinced it was the blanket trying to kill me, but the more I really think about it and reason things out I think it’s probably more likely that I had a seizure and I just thought it was the blanket shocking me(weed can make you paranoid!). Either way I know something did happen, and I can still clearly remember it and how it felt and how scary it was. What do you think it most likely was……the blanket….or a seizure? Luckily the neurologist booked an EEG for me in March so I’ll find out more then…..