screen-shot-01-13-17-at-10-42-am The other night a few of the kid had the opportunity to see PM Trudeau….or so they thought. They even had spots reserved and everything. The 22 YR old, his GF, the 17 YR old,and the 13 YR old were all set  to go and registered to go see and hear the PM speak at a public event in a nearby town and they were so excited since he is a celeb afterall, not to mention the fact that he’s also hot( which I agree he also is) esp. the 17 YR old who just loooooves him! She’s his number 1 fan, the ultimate fan girl and groupie and she she just couldn’t wait to meet him! She was also hoping for a selfie with him( which he’s known for) and maybe even him to autograph her shirt she was wearing of him,too….it would almost be like me getting to meet Bob Marley.

They arrived at the venue an HR early and the line-ups were already going down something ridiculous like 4 blocks long….long story short: they never even got in. Despite having registered online……so did a thousand other people too….and the venue only held 700…..they said they “hadn’t anticipated such a large crowd” and gave out more tickets than they had availability for……dumbest mistake ever! You should only hand out how many tickets you have space for. They said that even other ticket-holders that had been waiting there for 2 HRS still didn’t get in either; it was already full to capacity. They had waited in line for a good HR…..and all for nothing, they were turned away as it was full.They’re lucky that there wasn’t a riot.Needless to say they were beyond disappointed. Yet something else that’s half-assed in this country. I can’t say that I’m really all that surprised, but it’s too bad that they got their hopes up like that only to be dashed.

I also read about an upcoming abortion storyline on Degrassi, Next Class and the teen girl character that has it doesn’t even have the slightest bit of remorse, regret, or sadness; just relief,and she goes back to her homework assignment as if nothing out of the ordinary has occurred,and they portray it as completely harmless and without risk, and as clinical as getting a wart removed when really it’s killing a baby, murdering a child,and they treat it like it’s some sort of  rite of passge for all women when it’s not(I only knew 2 people that ever did it; my friend’s older sister who was 25, and a girl in high school who was a slut and bitch so I really wasn’t surprised), and I find it very disturbing ,misleading, one-sided, cold, callous, heartless, propaganda,and not right.