screen-shot-01-18-17-at-12-45-pm Ever since the doctor examined my abdomen the other day, pressing in with his fingers(and it was really tender and hurt when he did) it’s still really crampy and I have this dull, dragging abdomenal pain, like a combination of period cramps and when you’re really constipated. I’ve had it for a few days now and it also always feels like I have to shit even though I don’t and even after I do. I still haven’t heard when my ultrasound appointment is to find out the cause of my abdomenal pain, heavy periods, ungodly cramps, and distended abdomen, but my first guess is something to do with the uterus, most likely either uterine or ovarian(and I did have an ovarian cyst YRS ago) cancer, or perhaps even endometriosis or pelvic inflamatory disease, but it could also be my appendix,too, or even an abdomenal aortic aneurysm with  such abdomenal pain, but whatever it is it would appear that the doctor poking and prodding it has worsened it, maybe he loosened something, aggravated something,or even ruptured something in there. Whatever he did pressing in on it has awakened a sleeping giant. Ugh!

screen-shot-01-18-17-at-02-16-pm Patti’s son ( Buddy’s former owner) and his wife also had their second baby a couple of days ago, another girl, just over 8 pounds, pictured here. They named her Everley. They must be disappointed though that it was another girl; I’m sure they were probably hoping for a boy, for one of each. I was lucky to have had a boy first (which I think is special) and then a girl……and then more….and more….and more…they just kept on coming….until I had my last child at 40 and then they finally stopped coming.

screen-shot-01-18-17-at-02-15-pm My friend A also posted this photo of him when he was a little kid. How cute is this? I love it when kids are babies and little kids but the problem is that they grow up to be teenagers and then they hate you. I read somewhere as well that if you shove weed up your yoo-hoo(like a supository) it helps cramps. I wonder if that’s really true or not? Maybe I should try it….I also hope I can finally get a hysterectomy once and for all which will end my pain, “Aunt Flow”, and whatever’s causing the issue in the first place. I no longer need it anyway, I just hope they don’t ask when I last had sex…. because do they mean with another person or by myself because if it’s with another person it’s been ages and I’m so embarrassed to admit that, even more embarrassed than to admit the things I do by myself with the vibrator!