screen-shot-01-19-17-at-01-40-pm Yesterday my friend L (from our old church) got more work done on her “sleeve” tattoo on her arm. She also loves tattoos like I do. I got my first tattoo when I was 21: it was the former Soviet flag on my ass. Since then over the YRS I have gotten several more, so many in fact that I’ve lost count and I’m not even sure how many I have now, so let’s count them one by one and see: I have the hammer and sickle on my arse, and I also have a tasmanian devil on my butt on the other cheek(these are always a big hit with doctors and nurses in a medical setting), plus a bunch of shamrocks and pogmothoin across my lower back ( and that one was really painful, my second-most painful of all of them I even had to do my focus breathing like I did in labour), and I have a butterfly with a bunch of falling hearts on my left shoulder(the lesion I’m having checked for melanoma is near that one), a rosary on my right shoulder, the Ohm symbol in the middle of my upper back, a Cross on the back of my neck, a “I love Mama” on the inside of my left wrist where the 13 YR old wrote on with marker YRS ago when she was little and I had the tattoo artist do over permanantly as a reminder of when she used to love me, and I also have a palm tree and sunset on the inside of my right ankle, a colourful bird on my outer right ankle, a cat on my inner left ankle, a rose on my outer left ankle, and my latest one: a hippo on the top of my right foot. I counted that’s 12 or 13……what did you get? Sometimes I get them to commemorate a special time in my life, or something that I love, other times I just think they look cool.

My last one on my foot  was the most painful of them all, I guess being the most tender spot, with the thinnest skin and no fat.For that one I needed short breaks, and I clenched my teeth and my hands so hard my knuckles were white, and I broke out into a sweat from the pain and thought I was going to pass out. Most of them didn’t hurt that much(and the ones on my ass hardly hurt at all with all the padding!) but just felt like a bunch of bee stings or being scraped with an X-acto knife and then sting afterwards.The shoulder ones hurt somewhat and the ones on the inner ankles more so. I see it sort of like having a baby though; you go thru pain but then you get something beautiful afterwards. My hubby doesn’t really like my tattoos but he doesn’t like anything about me or anything I do anyway and he finds me repulsive overall so I might as well just do what I like, what makes me happy,and what’s best for me.

screen-shot-01-19-17-at-12-00-pm One of my cousins also posted this and it’s soooooo me! The 22 YR old and his GF also went in to Toronto and went skating at the old city hall, went shopping at the Eaton Centre (when I lived in Toronto I used to go there every Saturday) and ate at a restaurant. She goes back home to California in just a few days too. It’s hard to believe that 6 weeks has gone by so quickly! My abdomenal pain and cramping continues to get worse as well and I also have a really sore lower back and tired, achy, heavy, swollen legs which are symptoms of uterine or ovarian cancer but I’m also really gassy and feel like I have to shit,too, which are symptoms of appendicitis, although I don’t have a fever or nausea, and I wonder if maybe it could also be uterine prolapse, causing pain, cramps and it does also feel heavy, pressure, and almost like something’s falling out……it wouldn’t surprise me with all the kids I’ve had…I’ve been having a sharp stabbing pain in the back of my head on the right side on and off,too, so if I end up dead or something have them check for a stroke, brain bleed, or aneurysm…I’m an old jalopy, falling apart….