screen-shot-01-20-17-at-02-08-pm The medical marijuana licensed supplier finally got in their new shipment following the recall(due to a pesticide) and not too soon as I’m almost all out (and I don’t want the migraines to come back!) so as soon as I got the e-mail informing me I went right online to their site to try and order more before they sell out.Easy enough….

Not so easy. Nothing ever is for me.

First of all the site wouldn’t even load and I couldn’t even sign in, I assume to the high volume of traffic as everyone was all scrambling at once to get on the site and order more weed as their supply would also have run out due to the recall so the site would have been extra busy, so then I decided to try and phone them instead and place my order that way. I was caller 85 and after waiting on hold for 20 minutes I ended up caller 60…..and then I got cut off…..so I went back online to try the website again to order and this time  I was able to finally sign in but it kept saying “incorrect password” even though it wasn’t, and then “client not found”…….and then the site crashed.


After that, then I e-mailed them explaining my situation and asking them if I could place an order that way and they have my credit card on file or if not to just phone me back and I’ll give them the info…..but I never heard back, so  then I went back online again to re-try a few HRS later and I actually got to the end, to the checkout and it took forever to load verifying payment so I’d refresh it, and even cancelled it and re-did it,and after forever it finally worked and my order was processed.Yay! Success!!

HA! Not so easy.

When I received the order confirmation(s) by e-mail it said that I’d had THREE orders placed, so the ones I’d refreshed and cancelled actually weren’t, and were included in the final  checkout, so instead of ordering one bottle of cannabis oil for 90$, I ended up ordering 3 bottles….costing over 300$! Holy shit!! Just my luck! Their whole system’s just so over-loaded and screwed up as with the recall everyone’s running out and all rushing out to order at once as soon as the new stock arrived and it overwhelmed their website and their phone lines……but now  somehow have to try an un-do it and cancel 2 of the orders before they ship out my order which is unlikely as it’s a weekend and the shipment arrives just 2 days after the order plus with their systems crashing I’ll never be able to get a hold of anybody!

Double f*ck.

Of course my mother is beyond furious at me and shrieked, ” 3 hundred f*cking dollars?”….the good news though is at least I did get free shipping, so I saved  10$!(and I’ll have enough weed to last at least 9 months or so!) I spent all day trying to get thru and place my order and I was so worried that by the time I finally got thru that they’d already be all sold out of the new stock with everyone re-stocking all at once and I’d have to go to the local neighbourhood guy to get my weed and buy it off the street until they get their next shipment and when I finally did get to order it there was a glitch. It figures. Nothing can ever go right or just work out for me. I can’t believe my bad luck all the time.

F*ck to infinity and beyond.