The Drain.

screen-shot-01-21-17-at-11-29-am For the past 4 days our kitchen sink hadn’t been draining so my hubby  used the Drano and the Liquid Plumber and shoved his “snake” thing down the drain to try and unclog it but to no avail. It got soooo bad that it wouldn’t even drain at all and we weren’t able to wash any dishes and have to eat all our meals on paper plates and using plastic utensils. My mother asked him if it was still safe to use the washing machine( which is also in the kitchen) or if it uses the same drain and he said it was fine.

It wasn’t.

We attempted to put a load of washing thru…..and as it tried to drain it flooded the kitchen floor! Ooops! It looks like it does use the same drain afterall. My hubby told me to use the wet/dry vac(and then the 22 YR old finished it off when I put my back out) to clean it up (probably because he was hoping that I’d end up electrocuting myself; water+electricticy=trouble, esp. since he figures I’m dumb and I’d probably do something stupid and end up electrocuting myself, but I didn’t) and then said we had to call a plumber even though it’s yet another expense that we can’t afford and he said to “take it from savings”…..except we don’t have any “savings” and can hardly even pay our bills, and when I told him my mother has to take out another loan to pay the property taxes he shrugged, “Then she can take out another loan for the plumber!” He’s just so…..clueless!

We ended up having to call a plumber anyway, money or not, as now not only can we not do dishes, now we can’t do laundry, either, and now we don’t have any clean dry towels for baths or showers, so he came and he found some straws and even 3 knives down the kitchen sink drain and said he has to replace part of the pipe that’s broken so he still has to come back again tomorrow( so it’s still not fixed!) with the part and he’s still not done looking at it,either, as it still doesn’t explain why the washer’s clogged, and I wonder if maybe there’s even some dead mice in there or maybe even a sewage problem as lately when we do the washer it does reek like sewage….so in the meantime we’ll have to go to the laundromat to do some laundry and my hubby’s going to have to find some $$$$ and pay the plumber. I can’t believe our constant bad luck, it’s just one thing after another, it just never ends,everything we have is a piece of shit, and all these expenses that we just don’t have the $$$$ for.

As well, the 22 YR old’s GF doesn’t go back home today like I originally thought (that’s what my mother told me but it was incorrect and I was misinformed) she doesn’t go back until next  week, and for her birthday the 22 YR old got her this cool candle that when it melts has a hidden surprise necklace in it!(I think that’s just so cool!) and I had a dream that I met Fidel Castro as well and I was sitting next to him in a plane and then we jumped out of it, as in skydiving, plus another dream I moved back to my old Toronto house( which I’ve been having alot lately) and in this one when I moved back  I’d noticed that the badminton birdies were still up on the roof even after all these YRS!