The Candle.

screen-shot-01-30-17-at-12-28-pm I finally found something I wanted for my late birthday gift from my hubby so I ordered it online but due to popular demand it’ll take 6 weeks to arrive: a Charmed Aroma candle! (and no, this isn’t a sponsored post! I am not a sell-out.) It’s a wonderful scented candle that has a hidden treasure inside, either a ring or necklace! Once the wax has melted down beyond a certain amount there’s an aluminum bag with your prize inside! My girls,  the 22 YR old’s GF,my former sister-in-law,and some of my friends all have them and they just smell soooo good and once the candle’s all burned out you still have a piece of jewellery left! They are valued anywhere from 10$- 5000$ with the average appearing to be around 150$.

I ordered the coconut vanilla one ( anyone that knows me knows that my fave. scents are coconut and lilac!)  I also chose the one with the ring. I burn incense in my room every night before bed anyway, for a nice, relaxing aroma to help me sleep, so before I turn the lights out for the night I can use the candle to fill my room with a fragrant aroma(and then blow it out before I go to sleep; we already had one  FIREwe don’t need another!) It was also either my mother or my hubby(I forgot who) that said putting the jewellery in there was a clever way to sell candles, and how else would you ever get someone to pay 30$ for a candle? (Ok, with shipping it ended up being 38$…but I’m not sure if that’s Canadian or American….so if it’s American it’ll actually end up being more like over 50$)

As well, I got sooo assed- out on weed  when I saw Buddy  run quickly by I thought at first  he was a groundhog( because he’s the same colour) and then later on it looked like his fur was changing to 2 colours  and swirling, and I also thought I saw a penguin outside,I   was  also convinced that speculating isn’t a real word, and could even feel the taste of chocolate(which was  beyond ecstasy, BTW). Yup. It was like that.