33 YR Old Sea Breeze.

screen-shot-02-05-17-at-07-56-am-001 I came across a box of my old cosmetics and beauty products the other day, back from the 1980’s, when I was a teen, incl. the Sea Breeze face cleanser I had in 1984 when I was 17. That would make it 33 YRS old! Even older than my kids, even longer than I’ve known my hubby! It was still half-full,too, and when I opened it up and smelled it,that menthol, eucalyptus scent, it brought back so many happy happy memories that just came flooding back. I felt like I was 17 again, transported back into time, back to a happier place and a happier time. I put some on my face and scrubbed it in and washed it off like I did then and it almost seemed as though nothing had changed, even though one of my own kids is now that exact same age and when I look in the mirror….well, it’s not a 17 YR old that’s looking back at me anymore.What happened? Where did the time go?

Holy shit……I got old.

There were also others of my long-lost faves. from my teen YRS there,too, probably now no longer in existance, no longer made anymore, and that I haven’t seen in forever: Cachet body lotion, Charlie cologne, Love’s Baby Soft body spray( which smells like baby powder), Egyptian Earth loose bronzing powder, Jean Nate after bath body splash,and Kissing Potion lipgloss(oh, how I just loved that one, it tasted so good I would always lick it off!)……so many goodies that were such a big part of the 80’s and of my “beauty” regimen, and when re-discovered all these YRS later brought back such wonderful nostalgic memories. There were even some old eyeshadows and lipsticks in there too with the brushes all natty and disintigrating, and mascara all dried up, but when I opened it up and saw them all again it felt like Christmas.A blast from the past. Bring back the 80’s.


To celebrate Bob Marley’s birthday yesterday I also smoked a Big Fatty in honour of it and as a toast to him,as I’m sure millions of people all over the world were sparking up celebrating his birthday,  and as a result I suddenly became fascinated with the song Grease, rode along on sound waves of music notes, pretty much ate a whole chocolate cake, left my body,felt like I got permission to fly across the vast universe with what felt like huge purple butterfly-like wings, and thought it was raining indoors, in the bath, until I realized the shower had somehow accidently been turned on, and as for using weed my mother self-righteously huffed, “I don’t believe in it!” but God made the cannabis plant and in the Bible we are told that all plants are made for food, that is, to be consumed, and it didn’t say all plants except for the cannabis plant, and God made it for a reason, most likely medicinal, and besides, most drugs, remedies, and pharmaceuticals are made from plants,anyway!

We’re also supposed to get more of that awful freezing rain today(ugh!) and my friend’s son’s shoulder surgery went well yesterday as well, she was just upset that since he’s 18 they wouldn’t let her go back to the OR to see him off before they put him under, but everything went well and now he’s recovering.