First of all, here is the photo of the 17 YR old with Big Betsy, the gigantic lobster that I promised you from yesterday’s post. I finally got it, and Big Betsy got sold yesterday too so she’s now someone’s dinner, an uncomfortable thought that I don’t even want to think about. My stitch on my shoulder from my biopsy also fell out yesterday as well and it was my friend C’s(from Ottawa) 56th birthday,too. An  overall eventful day. Ha.

This is also Fiona, the baby hippo. She was born on 24 January, 6 weeks premature, just like I was!  She was born at the Cinncinnati Zoo in USA and weighed only a mere 29 pounds at birth, the smallest born of her species so far to survive. The average weight of a Nile Hippopotamus at birth should be anywhere between 55-120 pounds so she was very small and underweight. She was 25 pounds less than the lowest recorded record but is now 37 pounds and is putting on weight and growing. Isn’t she just the cutest little thing though, and look at those little ears, just like Shrek’s!I just love it when hippos twitch their little ears.

Fiona, which means “fair”, has 24/7 hands-on care from a dedicated team of vets, nutritionists, handlers, etc. to make sure that she grows, thrives, develops and gets stronger. She has a weak sucking reflex, is unable to walk yet and has weak muscle tone, needs to be bottle-fed and supplemented with tube-feeding, needs supplemental oxygen, needs her muscles to be massaged to gain strength, needs water therapy, and various other therapies and treatments in order to grow and develop. She needs to nurse better, gain weight,get bigger and stronger before she can be returned to her mother. She is doing better than she was but she’s still very fragile and has a long way to go.Donations go a long way in helping in her recovery.So do prayers.I sure hope she survives, it will break my heart if she dies. I’ll just be so sad.

Yes, I’m even praying for a hippo. Fiona has been added to my prayer list and it’s not the first time that I’ve found myself praying for the life, health,and well-being of an animal,either. We are all God’s creatures(and He cares for all that He has made) and compassion is never a waste of time.