The Vending Machines.

screen-shot-02-08-17-at-06-36-pm-001 The vending machines and snacks to go in them that my hubby had ordered a few months ago for our new home business have finally arrived! They came by this big transport truck, and here are all the boxes, stacked up high in our rec-room, waiting to be assembled. Yes, assembly required. Totally we have 15 vending machines and each one holds over 80 individual containers of various snacks, that sell for 2 $ each with part of the $$$$ going to charity that helps terminally ill kids get a wish, Make A Wish Foundation,the same one that the now 19 YR old got when he had leukemia when he was 7, so we were more than happy to partner with them.

screen-shot-02-09-17-at-03-57-pm-001 Here is one of the machines in the process of being assembled. It took an hour to complete. One down…..just 14 more left to go. We enlisted the kids’ help, mostly to take inventory and to fill the machines with snacks. Once they’re all ready we then have to scout for locations that will agree to allow us to place the vending machines in their businesses, places such as the YMCA, stores, where the kids have their activities, the legion, Wal-Mart, and other public, high-traffic areas that have lots of customers.I think the medical marijuana place would do well too, with all the stoners having the munchies, but my hubby refuses saying he “can’t stand the smell” in there and he’d have to go in 1-2 times a week to re-fill the machines, but I bet they’d sell really well there…

screen-shot-02-09-17-at-04-39-pm Here is one of the vending machines when it’s fully assembled and stocked.It stands about 5 feet high. This one has such goodies in it such as M&M’s, peanut M&M’s, yogurt-covered raisins, wine gums, trail mix, chocolate-covered raisins, mixed nuts, Reese’s pieces, etc. I put my 2$ coin in and got a peanut M&M’s, which is one of my faves. The 17 YR old also said we should place one in her room so that when her friends come over they can buy snacks, and there’s an order form online as well where you can order more stuff too so I went and ordered my ultimate fave: chocolate covered almonds, and Lindt chocolate and even Jelly Belly jellybeans,too! I would have chosen BBQ peanuts as well but they weren’t an option. Oh,well. I bet on the days when I have my weed that I’ll probably be one of our best customers!