The Bath Bomb.

screen-shot-02-09-17-at-10-41-am Look what I found……and ordered!????  Charmed Aroma , where I got my candle that had the pretty ring in it from, now also has bath bombs! They have rings in them as well, and only 17.99$, cheaper than the candles. I got the peach/mango one and I can’t wait until it comes, and after tax and shipping it ends up being 30$ and I know you must be thinking, ” 30$? that’s an expensive bath bomb, especially for something you just use once !” but it’s actually really the ring that you’re paying for. Luckily  with $$$$ I had saved in a coin jar I have enough $$$ for it. I’m sure the ring will be very pretty and the bath will be luxurious.

We already placed one of our vending machines as well, at a comic book store, but it probably also helps that we know the owner ( and he goes to our Church, and was a referral for my passport) so now we have to find new homes for the 14 others, and did you know that “vending” comes from the French word vendre which means “to sell”? Speaking of sell, the 22 YR old said that his GF in California goes to this posh grocery store that’s soooo high-class that they even have their own personal shoppers that follow along beside you and put stuff in and out of your buggy and on and off of the shelves for you and then load it to be scanned at check-out and pack it and carry it out to your car…..holy shit!….when I lived in California we never had that; our grocery stores there had armed security guards and made you check your bags when you entered the store! It reminded me of prison!

My hubby was also scolding the 9 YR old for throwing the TV remote and breaking it in a fit of rage when it didn’t work and I was trying to explain to him how it happens to everyone and when I said, ” Haven’t you ever gotten really frustrated at something  that you just get so mad you throw something and go, “you stupid thing!” and then he smirks and looks at me and snickered, “When have I ever tried to throw you?“, implying that I’m the stupid thing, so in retort I told him, ” You can’t, you’re too effeminite to, you’re not macho enough to be able to!” and then he gave his usual reply, “I’m  already past that! On to a new topic  now!” to try to deflect it away from him once the tables are turned, so to speak.

I also heard this heart-warming story of a woman who didn’t get married until she was 60 years old and they stayed together  22 YRS until she died at age 82, proving that it’s  never too late to find love. Never too late to start over. Never too late to  be happy. It gives me hope for my life. God knows me and He sees me. He hears me and He feels my prayers and my love. He has a plan for me and my life. He wants me to be happy and to be loved. He made us to be loved. He desires what’s best for us but I have become so damaged I no longer see my self-worth,and and I don’t see what anyone would ever see in me, and only disgusting   creeps would ever be interested in me, but I know that, deep in my heart, no matter what, God loves me and He wants me to be happy. He made me to have joy..


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