The Bomb.

screen-shot-02-14-17-at-04-48-pm First of all, here is a cute hippo I found yesterday for Valentine’s Day. The 17 YR old also got flowers(incl. long stem red roses!) sent anonymously( she knew who they were from but she wouldn’t tell us) and all she would say was that they were “from a Nigerian prince.” HA…..yeah….right.She also told me if a parcel arrives for “Doug” that it would be for her. Doug? I’d probably rather not know.  How romantic and sweet though! I’ve only ever gotten flowers myself a few times(from my hubby) and never when I was a teen, but she’s a pretty girl so this will just be the first of many,and the first of many admirers,and male suitors. They’ll be lining up for her.She’s so lucky and is already starting to live the life I could only ever dream about. I still can’t figure out though how a couple of “uggos” like us ended up with such a pretty kid.

screen-shot-02-14-17-at-12-32-pm My Charmed Aroma bath bomb also came,seen here fizzing in the tub. When I’d said, “The bomb I ordered arrived!” the 9 YR old goes, “What? Are you going to blow up the house?” and when I’d mentioned the other day about the “bomb I’d ordered still hadn’t arrived yet the 17 YR old turned around, with a shocked, horrified look on her face and gasped, “Whaaat?” I got the peach mango one and it smells soooooooooo incredibly  yummy it scented up the entire bathroom and it released a cascade of aromatic oils and perfumes I soaked in the tub as long as I could, basking in it, until I got all wrinkly and pruned and the water turned cold; it was the most luxurious bath I ever had! It was beyond wonderful and if I were rich I’d treat myself to one every day! My mother was horrified that it only lasted for one bath for the cost, though, that it all dissolves away in a matter of seconds( it was the size of a tennis ball) and can only be used once and not saved and re-used, but it was glorious and I just felt so pampered.Oh, what a wonderful feeling! It was pure bliss!!

screen-shot-02-14-17-at-12-33-pm Here is the mystery surprise ring that I got inside it. It has an opal on it,and is appraised at 150$.It’s nice, but I enjoyed the bath bomb so much and it made me feel and smell so good I think I maybe even like it more than the ring!  The 22 YR old’s GF also got accepted at a local college here for the fall so she’ll be moving here so she and the 22 YR old can be together(isn’t that sweet?) and yesterday it felt like bugs were crawling and jumping around in my hair,too, and it was really creepy and I kept scratching, and I thought maybe I had fleas from Buddy but then realized it was also awhile after I’d had my weed so hopefully it wasn’t real and I was just hallucinating….Holy Mother of God, I was just so grossed-out.

I think I may also know what cause my sore neck,too: when I have seizures during the night! It was just stiff and sore for the one day and then ok for a couple of days and then  it was back again another day, right from the morning when I woke up and I also vaguely remember having a seizure, or rather, coming out of one, during the night overnight, and the stiffening and twisting of my neck during a seizure could most definitely explain neck stiffness and pain(although I do also have arthritis in a couple of my vertebrae,too so it could also be that), as well as why I always feel so exhausted, run-down, listless, fatigued,and have no energy; if I’m regularly having seizures during my sleep my sleep would always be interrupted so I wouldn’t be getting a good sleep and I’d be tired all the time, plus seizures themselves are very exhausting, so I think that could be it. I also had a “vision” of a sort of me laying in a hospital bed with burns all over my body, that I was in another fire, and another one that I have some sort of problem with my heart as well, which is another reason I’m always so tired and out of breath, have fluid retention and swelling, and feel so weak and like I’m fading away. Shit.