The Hall.

screen-shot-02-17-17-at-01-25-pm-001 The 13 YR old has taken it upon herself to redecorate the second floor hall. She wants to get rid of what she calls the “ugly flower wallpaper.” She has totally redesigned the hallway on her computer and has decided to paint the walls a medium grey and to put a fancy chair in the middle and artwork on the walls. She has it all planned out. She also has similar plans for the rest of the house,too, although she’s been told the livingroom and diningroom are off-limits as I happen to like them just the way they arethankyouverymuch, the royal blue walls in the livingroom and the red walls in the diningroom. I think she should be an interior designer (like my friend S)when she grows up, it seems to be her interest and her calling. She’s also good at drawing though so she may even end up an artist or a graphic artist or something though, who knows. Here is a photo of the wall being partly stripped of wallpaper.Holes and uneven spots have also been spackled and prepped before it’ll be painted.

screen-shot-02-17-17-at-01-26-pm It looks like we have cats, cats that scratch at and tear off the wallpaper. We have wallpaper all over the hall and stairs now. It’s quite a mess( even more than usual) but it’s the maid’s day off…..hahahahahahah…..I know this will end up being quite a long project, esp. based on how long it took the 15 YR old to re-do her bedroom; it took months, so it will look like this for quite a long time, unfortunately. Hopefully it will look nice in the end(although I thought it looked fine before,too, and I liked the floral wallpaper and will be sad to see it go…..but I have no say,and what I want doesn’t matter.) What really gets me though is how she(with help from my hubby) planned all this and was just going to go ahead with it without even bothering to ask my mother and I when it’s our house and we own it! We have the final say, and they can’t just go ahead and change things like that and do major redecorating without getting our ok first,and I was really pissed-off that they thought they could.So inconsiderate. They have to wait until I die for that. Then they can re-do the whole house however they want.