screen-shot-02-17-17-at-04-45-pm-001 This is Louie. Louie the hippo.As you can see he’s had a little accident. Buddy somehow got to him and ate off part of his foot. He must have either fallen onto the floor and he got him, thinking all bets are off. It’s on the floor, it’s mine! or he reached up onto the table and got him…..either way….bad dog! I scolded him and took Louie away and reminded him of the Number One Rule: Don’t ‘Diss The Hippo! I name all of my hippos and I looked at this little guy and just thought to myself, “He looks like a Louie!” and so I decided to name him Louie, and that was that.

As well, it was a glorious 9 C yesterday and it’s supposed to be nice and mild all week, and I even saw a robin (the bird) on a neighbour’s lawn, so I hope the bad weather is done now and that spring is going to come early, and one of the 15 YR old’s friend’s kept getting lice recurring so they shaved her head (which I think is extreme) and now she wears a wig! When our kids had lice YRS ago they just used a medicated lice shampoo. The kids also hate my music and always insult it but the 22 YR old doesn’t,and, in fact, he even likes some of it, but he’s older though and has better taste in music than they do,too.There’s also this commercial on TV that says Vacation is calling. Vacation is always calling me…..but I’m too poor to answer!

My hubby also increased my piece-of-shit( now no longer piece-of-shit) computer’s RAM from 3 whatever’s (I’m no good at all that technical stuff) up to 11 thingies, almost tripled, so now it has more memory and will be quicker streaming and faster overall. I told him all along the problem was my computer, but he kept insisting that it wasn’t….and then later admitted that he knew  I was right  all along, that it was my shit-less ( now formerly shit-less) computer; he just didn’t want to have to bother fixing it. My mother was also late in getting everyone’s pizza because she had to ….get this….feed the squirrels first. She thought that they were more important than us. She’s obsessed with what she calls “feeding the critters.” She won’t even have her own breakfast until she feeds them!

I thought I saw a hippo upstairs as well and when I told my mother she goes, “Did you take your weed today?” and I replied, “Yeah, how did you know?” and she said that she can tell when I’m on my “doobage” by the way I act, the questions I ask, and that my “personality changes” and Buddy can tell,too, and he sits there right beside me and stands “guard”, and he kept going over to my hubby, trying to get him to come over and  see me, sensing something was “off”, that I wasn’t quite “myself”, perceiving it as something was wrong, only he didn’t get it and kept saying to him, “Oh, you want me to say ‘ hello’ to you again?” It was so funny. I also kept staring intently into an opened tube of shampoo, at the hole, trying to squeeze my mind to fit thru it!