The Dress.

screen-shot-02-16-17-at-12-02-pm I ordered this funky dress online the other day. This is what pissed-off my mother and she threatened to cancel my credit card. I have wanted this dress for awhile, and it was finally on sale, so I got it. It’s been months since I’ve bought any clothes (my weed shirt on the Cyber Monday sale back in November, and now it’s almost March) and I hardly ever spend $$$ ,get to go shopping, or buy anything, but every now and then I still need stuff . Knowing her she’ll probably also say that the dress “looks like our livingroom curtains” because she always has to hate and criticize everything I have, like, say, or do, that’s just the way she is, but I spent less on the dress than she spent on our food the other day for the 5 of us at the buffet, and unlike the food which is all eaten and gone, the dress will last for YRS.

My credit card is also pretty much my only form of independence(I’ve had one ever since I was 16) and the one way I actually feel like an adult, and now she’s threatening to take that away,too?Everything’s always about control with her and it always has been.She’s always used $$$$ to control people. I hardly ever buy anything and to tell you the truth, all my underwear and socks have holes and rips in them, they’re so worn-out and I won’t spend the $$$ to buy new ones,as I just can’t justify spending the $$$ on that, esp. when no one sees it, and I even re-use plastic baggies  and cut poptarts in half to make 2 servings, to make them go further, for example, to stretch $$$$ as far as it can go, and I only get 20$ a month as a sort of “allowance” for my spending $$$ and I have to get all my personal expenses out of that, such as tampons, deoderant, hair dye, face cream, shampoo, etc. and it doesn’t go that far, leaving nothing left to buy clothes or anything else, yet sometimes I still need stuff,too, and I shouldn’t always have to go without, and sometimes I do have to treat myself,too,and sometimes I have to think about myself because no one else ever does.

As well, for fun and out of curiousity I measured my vibrator, and it’s 7 inches long,and has a wide girth,too, but I can take it all in, but after birthing 11 kids I can probably fit a foot-long hotdog in there, and I’m so stretched-out to “re-condition” it you’d have to shove a ham up and pull out the bone, and Buddy was sick the other day,too, not eating and just laying around and I imagined if he’d died and it broke my heart to even think about it and to imagine life without him, without him curling up beside me in bed or on the couch, not walking him each day, not cuddling with him, not having him follow me around, losing my best friend, it would be like losing a piece of my heart and having a light go out in my life, and a part of me would die with him. To say that I would be distraught would be an understatement.I hope so much that I die before him….

I also wonder if USA even realizes that the whole world is laughing at them for having a buffoon like Donald Trump as their president? I mean, do they even know that the rest of the world thinks he’s a joke? It’s almost comical to watch it all unfold, the guy’s such a dickweed,and now every time I see White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer on the TV news all I see is Melissa McCarthy’s hilarious impression of him on SNL and I crack up laughing. Trump has made USA a laughingstock to the world and I don’t even know if they’re aware of it; he’s just so unpresidential, unprofessional, and undiplomatic.