screen-shot-02-16-17-at-07-57-am There’s this huge puddle in the neighbour’s driveway that I walk by every time I take Buddy out for his walk and when I saw it, it gave me a flashback, reminding me of when I was 4-5 YRS old. I used to actually sit down and play in big dirty, muddy, deep puddles exactly like that when I was a kid. I clearly remember the best ones were at my friend C’s brother’s judo class’ place in the parking lot. They had huge potholes there and after a heavy rain they would fill up nice and deep and C and I would go there and wallow in the puddles like pigs in the mud. I know, I was a weird kid.

Seeing that big muddy puddle at the neighbour’s brought me right back, and I can’t even remember if my mother knew, or how she reacted( I imagine she wouldn’t have been too pleased when I came home all wet and muddy; I mean, what mother would?) all I remember is playing in the puddles and how much fun it was and seeing that big one brought back so many fond memories,and for a second I thought of how it would feel to re-live the experience but then decided against it as at my age I would look like the world’s biggest retard, but it brought a smile to my face and it’s funny how something like that can bring happy memories just flooding back.

As well, yesterday it was a glorious 14 C and Buddy and I sat outside in the sun for 2 HRS( who’d think I’d be sitting out in the sun in February?) and it’s been mild for the past 2 weeks,and I’ve heard lots of birds,too, so I’m hoping it means an early spring (we’re even supposed to have a thunderstorm later today,too) but I’m not going to get my hopes up, just in case it’s just “teasing”, and yesterday my hubby also took the girls shopping in Toronto and I didn’t even ask to go as I’ve been essentially banned from shopping(at least for awhile,anyway) to curb my spending,and I’m tracking the dress I ordered,too, and it’s now in Singapore so it still has a long journey to go until it arrives….

The 17 YR old also asked my mother and I if we think Mark Harmon is “hot” and when we said that we did, she goes, “I guess my theory is accurate then, that old people think other old people are hot!” Old people?  Who are you calling old? I haven’t heard from my friend G in Turkey in months,either, and he’s a Communist radical, some might even say revolutionary, and I wonder if they’ve picked him up on terrorism charges or something, and  since I’m pretty sure it was my hubby that betrayed me to my enemy telling them where I was (but God protected me so they weren’t able to harm me,luckily) in an effort to destroy me I bet if I didn’t have a legal prescription for my medical marijuana(and I just bought it off the street) that he’d probably turn me in to the cops to get busted for that,too. I’ve seen a side of him that others haven’t, a dark side, and I wish I didn’t know alot of the things I do, or at the very least I wish I had known them before. Before it was too late.Hindsight is everything.