screen-shot-02-24-17-at-06-41-pm I was watching an episode of The Blacklist and the main character, Reddington, had been poisoned,and discovered that it appears that it was his right-hand man ,and most trusted confidante that did it,and it reminded me of what it feels like to be deeply betrayed by someone that you trust and that’s close to you,and how that it usually are the ones that are closest to you that end up being the ones that betray you, as well as the ones that you’d least expect. That’s what my life has taught me.

I learned at a very young age that you can’t trust anyone. Anyone other than yourself and God, that is. Not even your own parents, your own family, your own spouse, your neighbours, your friends, your co-workers, your aquaintances, strangers, and certainly not the authorities;let’s face it, most people can’t be trusted, and they’re probably going to deceieve you, lie to you, use you, trick you, frame you, set you up, twist things around onto you, betray you, cheat you, steal from you, report you, etc. in one way or the other and can’t be trusted and it’s usually not the enemy that you’d most likely expect,either, but the closest friend, the spouse, the traitor in the family, the one that you trusted with your life, the one you loved like a brother.You’d expect it from an enemy but the worst damage and betrayal comes from someone you loved and trusted.

They are the ones that will most likely betray you.The ones that are closest to you, that have the most access to you, the most confidential information, know your daily routine, your weaknesses, and that you think would most have your back, your best interests, care about you, could be trusted, would be “safe”, were loyal and had honour, were your friends, loved you, looked out for you, watched out for you, etc. Look at Jesus and Judas. He was one of His closest friends and one of His Apostles. Talk about betrayal. Look at Caesar and Brutus; he was his best friend.

It’s always the ones closest to you and the ones that you least expect.They are the ones that will cheat on you, betray you, sell you out, poison you, murder you, abuse you, turn you over, turn you in, set you up, frame you, turn their backs on you, be two-faced to you, talk behind your back, plot behind you, incarcerate you, commit you, assassinate you, report you, etc. I wasn’t all that surprised in The Blacklist that someone the closest to him was most likely the one who poisoned Reddington in an attempt to kill him. It usually is, and that’s what makes the betrayal all the more worse and the hurt all the more painful.